Edgetone Records Fall Releases

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Source: Edgetone Records.

Biggi Vinkeloe Roughtet – AU QUOTIDIEN

First-time gatherings can produce stellar improvised music, but there’s a particular joy in the comfort of playing with friends — not because it gets “comfortable*”, but because a common bond lets the group move as one. Saxophonist and flutist Biggi Vinkeloe has assembled that kind of crew with Au Quotidian. A resident of Sweden, Vinkeloe visits the Bay Area frequently and has built a rapport with the top-flight musicians here. With Donald Robinson on drums, Teddy Rankin-Parker on cello, and Joe Lasqo on piano and laptop, Au Quotidian mixes the confidence of the familiar with the excitement of the unknown, the musicians keying off one another’s invisible cues to create a fluid, elegant machine.

Biggi Vinkeloe – alto sax, flute, field recordings/samples
Joe Lasqo – laptop, piano, field recordings/samples & voice
Teddy Rankin-Parker – cello
Donald Robinson – drums

James Freeman – Jassical

The “Jassical” concept is not a concept is not a combination of musical styles, but rather a cognitive paradigm. By design, this creates an expanding, evolving matrix of pitches with mysterious subliminal excitement and rich harmonic choices. The violin and flute improvisations are 100% spontaneous. No charts, no written music, no rehearsal. The soloists have total freedom to explore their intuition. The result is spontaneous beauty. Exhilarating freedom is born of uninhibited expression. Meditative as well as contemplative.

James Freeman – field recordings, synthesizers
Yehudit – violin
Nika Rejto – flute
Special Guest Mads Tolling – violin

Rent Romus Deciduous / Midwestern Edition Vol. 1

Historically the Midwest of the United States is a creative center for jazz and improvised music being the birthplace for organizations such as the AACM and BAG, as well as pioneers Albert Ayler, Faruq Z. Bey, and Raasan Roland Kirk to name just a few. Rent Romus, born in the great north of Michigan is no stranger to the pull of the lands and the creative soul of its music. Deciduous is an ongoing project based on the mutual bridging of those who share the creative tenacity, history and transitory nature of improvisation. This edition features the creative force of musicians from Columbus Ohio and Detroit Michigan.

Rent Romus – alto, soprano saxophones, flutes, small percussion
Hasan Abdur-Razzaq – alto, tenor saxophones, bells
James Freeman – trumpet, baritone horn
Gerard Cox – drums, piano, Wurlitzer
Caleb Miller – piano, Wurlitzer, nord
Steve Simula – percussion, flutes, bells, drums
John Phillip Allen – double bass

Noertker’s Moxie druidh fenestrae

The druidh Bill Noertker, his long-time musical partner Annelise Zamula, and his psychedelic avant-chamber jazz ensemble, Noertker’s Moxie, are back with druidh fenestrae, the third album in the druidh series. The tunes on this album are windows bringing light to some of Noertker’s thematic impetuses: childhood chants, poetry, math puzzles, word play, syllabic abbreviations, chicanery, critiques of religion, James Joyce, and Greek mythology. The compositions instigate spirited and playful musical conversations amongst the improvisers assembled here. By turns robust, brittle, quirky, deadpan, hypnotic, outspoken, and seductive; a wide range of expression is explored by Noertker and his merry band.
Annelise Zamula – tenor saxophone and flute

Bill Noertker – contrabass
Jason Levis – drums
Amber Lamprecht – oboe
Brett Carson – piano
Theo Padouvas – cornet