Monday Evening Concerts 2017/18 Season

Salvatore Sciarrino, Italian composer, at the ...

Source: LA’s M.E.C. .

DECEMBER 4, 2017:

The Talea Ensemble returns for its third visit to Monday Evening Concerts to give the West Coast Premiere of Pierluigi Billone’s FACE for voice and ensemble. One of the most highly regarded composers living in Europe today, Billone’s large-scale work has never been heard in California. Drawing upon the traditions of composers such as Luigi Nono, Helmut Lachenmann, and Salvatore Sciarrino, Billone serves as a living poet and alchemist of the avant-garde.

JANUARY 8, 2018:

Over the past decade, the piano and percussion quartet Yarn/Wire has established itself as one of the most innovative and understatedly virtuosic ensembles working in the United States. For its MEC debut, the ensemble will present a program of works by international emerging composers Thomas Meadowcroft, Linda Caitlin Smith, Øyvind Torvund and Cat Lamb.

MARCH 26, 2018:

Perhaps the greatest living pianist of the European avant-garde, Nicolas Hodges makes his solo recital debut in Los Angeles. His program alternates between canonized giants of high-modernism such as Brian Ferneyhough, Luigi Nono, and Iannis Xenakis, and selections from the series ‘Voices and Piano’ by the Austrian composer Peter Ablinger. In this series, Ablinger musicalizes the voices of revolutionaries, artists and philosophers such as Angela Davis, Bertolt Brecht, Morton Feldman, Orson Welles and Mother Teresa. Here, the voices provide political, aesthetic, spiritual and poetic context for the works that surround them.

APRIL 16, 2018:

MEC artistic director Jonathan Hepfer calls Salvatore Sciarrino’s Aspern Suite one of the key chamber works of the late 20th century. The piece, which Sciarrino bases loosely on Henry James’ novella The Aspern Papers (which itself is based on lore surrounding Lord Byron), concerns the theme of secrecy – or what must remain forever sacred and hidden. In the piece, Sciarrino employs Venetian boat song, snippets of Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro, artful techniques of seduction, as well as his own iconic sonic universe. The work will be presented with Sciarrino’s gorgeous surreal lullaby Perduto in una città d’acque, and Isabel Mundry’s imaginative and masterful re-workings of works by the Renaissance composer Guillame Dufay.
Salvatore Sciarrino

MAY 21, 2018:

For the finale concert of MEC’s 79th season, we offer a pairing of two extremely rarely performed works by the American mavericks Meredith Monk and Julius Eastman. Eastman’s Femenine was described by the New York Times as “a longing, tender, grandly unruffled 70-minute masterpiece that takes its place at the pinnacle of the Eastman works that have survived,” and Monk’s storied career as a vocalist, composer, dancer, choreographer and filmmaker has influenced luminaries from Bruce Nauman to Jean-Luc Godard. Eastman and Monk, who were collaborators in real life, are reunited in spirit in our season finale.

MAY 23, 2018:

Along with the musique concrète pioneers Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry, Éliane Radigue is one of the legendary figures in the landscape of electronic music. Although her works have frequently pushed the limits of what was thought possible with electronic sound, she eventually transitioned into writing solely acoustic works in the most recent decade of her storied career. Despite her iconic status, her works have rarely been heard in Los Angeles. MEC presents a concert honoring a living legend.