Steve Reich Performances in DC

American composer Steve Reich performing clapp...

Source: The Washington Post.

Who are the most important living composers? Philip Glass and Steve Reich are often lumped together in people’s minds as the Hertz and Avis of “minimalism,” the maverick musical style that emerged in the 1970s whose hallmark was repeating patterns of notes. But where Glass is a wildly prolific jack-of-all-trades, writing everything from film scores to piano etudes, Reich has a kind of monkish single-mindedness, pursuing his ideas with tenacious focus, so that throughout his oeuvre there is a clear through line leading from one piece to another.

Reich is 81 now, and Wednesday the Library of Congress opened its season with a sensational concert of his music by Ensemble Signal, co-produced by Washington Performing Arts and featuring the East Coast premiere of a work commissioned by a consortium that included both institutions, a piece called “Runner” (2016).