AMN Reviews: Patrick Shiroishi – Tulean Dispatch (2017; Mondoj)

Saxophonist Patrick Shiroishi wrote and recorded Tulean Dispatch in the weeks leading up to last Fall’s U.S. election. This solo recording is his response to increasing reports of hate crimes, filtered through the lens of someone whose parents were held in concentration camps.

Consisting of four tracks totaling just over 30 minutes, the album incorporates drones, frenetic playing, and various points in between. Shiroishi’s use of subtle reverb (perhaps due to the room in which the album was recorded) provides a degree of darkness, and his timbre exquisitely contributes to the feel of each track.

The dominant emotions evoked by Tulean Dispatch are anger and passion. The Screams of the Father is a five-and-a-half minute piece that starts with a discordant blast and rarely deviates far from that origin point. Form and Void, on the other hand, begins with a deliberately-paced series of long-held notes and droning themes. Shiroishi works these for several minutes to a crescendo, and then releases the tension. The latter two-thirds of the track builds up to plaintive wails and grinding blasts, an emotive shaking of one’s fist at the sky. The album ends with The Flowers and Candles are Here to Protect Us, a short, melancholy piece that provides a degree of resignation, acceptance, or perhaps a just calm conclusion as Shiroishi comes to terms with his frustration.

Even when not viewed as a protest album, Tulean Dispatch is a singular release that takes solo sax in a number of interesting new directions. But knowledge of the conceptual origins of Shiroishi’s efforts adds further layers to the understanding of his iconoclastic endeavors. Highly recommended.

Avant-garde spirit lives in ‘A Musical Feast’ in Buffalo

Source: The Buffalo News.

In the 1960s and ’70s, the musical avant-garde flourished in Buffalo, exemplified by the Creative Associates at the University at Buffalo. Its shock waves reached Kleinhans Music Hall, where the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra‘s music director, Lukas Foss, embraced the experimentation.

That old spirit lives on in the concert series called “A Musical Feast.” Organizers describe the season-opening program as “a multimedia event, very much in the now hallowed tradition of performances by the Creative Associates.”

5049 Records Episode 134 – Tomas Fujiwara

Source: 5049 Records.

For episode 134, I talk to a cat whom I’ve known for a long time and should have been on the show ages ago. Tomas Fujiwara has been in New York since the mid 90s and has cut a most impressive career as a drummer, working with artists such as Matana Roberts, Mary Halvorson, Anthony Braxton and Taylor Ho Bynum. More recently, he’s stepped out as a band leader and this Friday, his newest album”Triple Double” comes out on the Firehouse 12 label. Tomas is a wonderful human being and I really, really enjoyed this conversation.



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