Hypercube’s Brain-on-Fire in NY

Source: (le) poisson rouge.

Known for exciting performances and elaborate stage setups, Hypercube has built a reputation on delivering impressive execution with a rock-and-roll edge. On Sunday, October 15th, the ensemble takes the stage at Le Poisson Rouge to perform an evening of high-energy works for mixed quartet comprised of multiple saxophones, electric guitar, piano and percussion. Featuring Louis Andriessen’s landmark work Hout, and Philippe Hurel’s spectral masterpiece Localized Corrosion, the program will highlight the contemporary voice of Chris Cerrone, the intricate timbres and gestures of Mikel Kuehn, and the rhythmic grit of Philip Schuessler. An irregular grouping of instrument families, Hypercube’s popularity has soared in recent years, as audiences hunger for fresh sounds, new formations, and flawless performance.