San Francisco Scene: October 13-20, 2017

Source: Bay Improviser.

Friday, October 13

Fri 10/13 6:30 PM Gray Area Art And Technology [2665 Mission St. SF]
RECOMBINANT Festival is a five day showcase of 360-degree spatial cinema and live audio-visual performances developed in collaboration with Recombinant Media Labs and presented at Gray Area from Wednesday, October 11th to Sunday, October 15th.

Fri 10/13 7:00 PM 500 Capp Street – The David Ireland House [500 Capp Street San Francisco, CA 94110 – walking distance from mission area BART stations]
World Premiere of BELLINGHAM FOR DAVID IRELAND – a MAP SCORE by Phillip Greenlief, performed by karen stackpole (gongs), Phillip Greenlief, tenor saxophone, wobbly (electronics), kelley kipperman (contrabass), gabby fluke-mogul (violin), aurora josephson (voice) zachary james watkins (electronics), carl ludwig hubsch (tuba). Doors at 7, the one-hour performance will start at 7:30 sharp!

Fri 10/13 7:30 PM Tom’s Place [3111 Deakin Street Berkeley]
The international trio of Theresa Wong (cello), Christian Kobe (saxophones) and Frantz Lorio (viola) came together for the first time in 2016. In their improvised music, the three quickly found a synergy in the focused exploration of acoustic sounds and the transformation of these sounds through amplification. Like a ‘microscope’ set to an image, the trio reveals the rich microcosm of their instruments through extended playing and mic techniques. Their music can be likened to the electrically pulsating din of a nocturnal insect colony.

Fri 10/13 7:30 PM The Red Poppy Art House [2698 Folsom St @23rd St SF]
Fred Frith: Solo Guitar

Fri 10/13 7:30 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
GCG presents: Siroko Duo (music of our time)

Siroko Duo partners with the Guerrilla Composers Guild for three world premieres that combine music, technology, and culture to present music of our time.

Saturday, October 14

Sat 10/14 12:00 PM Noisebridge Hackerspace [2169 Mission St SF]
Oct 14—Saturday
Noon until 2pm SHARP!
Forest Management (OH)———–Felisha Lelidisma (OR)———-Mama Buries———McCoven/Josephson/Heule——-Sea Moss (OR)

Sat 10/14 6:30 PM Gray Area Art And Technology [2665 Mission St. SF]
RECOMBINANT Festival is a five day showcase of 360-degree spatial cinema and live audio-visual performances developed in collaboration with Recombinant Media Labs and presented at Gray Area from Wednesday,October 11th to Sunday, October 15th.

Sat 10/14 7:30 PM Incarnation Episcopal Church [1750 29th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122]
Shtrykov-Tanaka Clarinet-Piano Duo. Comprised of two sensationally gifted and acclaimed virtuosi – clarinetist Maksim Shtrykov [pronounced: sh-TRY-koff] and pianist Misuzu Tanaka – the Shtrykov-Tanaka Duo has been heard throughout the U.S. Clarinet and piano duos are still rare gems on the modern concert stage despite the immense repertoire. With its innovative programming, master classes, and recitals, the Duo makes it their mission to transform the superb instrumental combination from a rare occurrence to a welcomed guest in concert series across the globe.

Sat 10/14 7:30 PM Bird & Beckett Books and Records [653 Chenery St. SF]
The Jazz Philanthropists Union presents…
Darren Johnston, trumpet
Marcus Stephens, tenor sax
Wil Blades, organ
Scott Amendola, drums

Sat 10/14 8:00 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
The Voice and The Machine (an Amy Foote production)
The Voice and The Machine (an Amy Foote production alongside Melinda Becker, David Katz, Sidney Chen, and Helen Newby) is a program that illuminates our subconscious relationship with technology and gives a sense of the magic it performs on us. The program moves from unadorned and unaccompanied voices, to different combinations of SATB voices, cello, live electronics and a newly invented instrument, the “Jellyphone”, which is a midi controller fashioned after a 1970s electronic memory game (Simon) with the plastic colored touch-pads replaced with flavored gelatin. The program includes a world premier by Dennis Aman, in addition to pieces by Aaron Gervais, Isaac Schankler and Laura Steenberge.

Sat 10/14 8:30 PM The Lab [2948 16th St SF]
Night Rounds
An evening of live film and music performances featuring eight Bay Area visual artists and musicians whose work ranges from experiments with light and film to algorithmic music composition.

Sat 10/14 9:00 PM Studio Grand [3234 Grand Ave, Oakland]
In Too Deep is a new monthly curated by electronic music duo KYN (Josh Casey & Yari Bundy) in association with Studio Grand. Occurring every 2nd Saturday, the series will feature local artists specializing in the darker side of experimental dance music. Incorporating Bay Area experimental traditions and the sounds of Berlin’s underground dance scene, In Too Deep seeks to create a space for those left wanting more from the current sound of commercialized electronic music, and to present an audiovisual landscape incorporating rhythm, noise, and atmosphere.

Sunday, October 15

Sun 10/15 2:00 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
Aki Tsuyuko and Ippei Matsui – Piano, Electronics, & Projected Live Drawing
Piano and electronic keyboard performance between composition and experimental improvisation, accompanied by projected live drawing, featuring composer/pianist Aki Tsuyuko and visual artist Ippei Matsui.

Sun 10/15 4:30 PM Bird & Beckett Books and Records [653 Chenery St. SF]
Lewis Jordan and Music at Large

Sun 10/15 5:30 PM Gray Area Art And Technology [2665 Mission St. SF]
RECOMBINANT Festival is a five day showcase of 360-degree spatial cinema and live audio-visual performances developed in collaboration with Recombinant Media Labs and presented at Gray Area from Wednesday,October 11th to Sunday, October 15th.

Sun 10/15 7:00 PM Wind River [421 Wild Way Santa Cruz, CA 95065]
Paul Metzger & John Saint Pelvyn encompass a range of styles, drawing on Americana, Hindustani, and experimental musics to breathe new life into their work with the guitar and banjo. Both work with long-form, multi-part improvisations that unwind into complex forms punctuated by ecstatic moments.

Monday, October 16

Mon 10/16 7:30 PM Canessa Gallery [708 Montgomery St SF]
We are excited to present luminary NYC guitarist Elliott Sharp for our October 16th event at Canessa Gallery. Also performing will be a duo of Wobbly (Jon Leidecker) and Tania Chen and the electronic-organic trio Euphotic (Cheryl E. Leonard, Tom Djll, Bryan Day).

Mon 10/16 7:30 PM Mills College Ensemble Room [5000 MacArthur Blvd Oakland]
“Sounding Limits” features a series of compositions resulted from a long-term collaboration between the French composer Pascale Criton and the Italian string players Silvia Tarozzi & Deborah Walker. Silvia Tarozzi, violin, and Deborah Walker, cello, are actively involved in the fields of contemporary experimental music and free improvisation. Together with Pascale Criton they have been exploring microtonal extended techniques and gestural processes on a violin and a cello tuned in 1/16 of a tone. The compositions that have resulted from this process are conceived as scripts. They challenge the sense of form and the attitude of interpretation, transforming it into a creative process. Time and motion are no longer defined by pitches and metrical systems but are embodied as diagrams and moods.

Mon 10/16 9:30 PM Studio Grand [3234 Grand Ave, Oakland]
OFJS: Paul Metzger & John Saint Pelvyn + Pin Bokeh

Tuesday, October 17

Tue 10/17 7:00 PM Music Concert Hall, San Jose State University [1 Washington Sq, San Jose, CA 95192]
Sarah Cahill
Sarah performs Lou Harrison’s Piano Concerto with the San Jose State University Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Fred Cohen.

Tue 10/17 7:30 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
Pascale Criton, Sounding Limits; Silvia Tarozzi & Deborah Walker Duo
Sounding Limits features a series of microtonal compositions for violin and cello tuned in 1/16th of a tone. They are the result of a long-term collaboration between the French composer Pascale Criton and the Italian string players Silvia Tarozzi and Deborah Walker. After being performed at international festivals and venues in Europe, Sounding Limits will be presented for the first time in the United States in the Fall of 2017.

Tue 10/17 8:00 PM El Rio [3158 Mission St SF]
EFFT, Grex, For Now
A one-of-a-kind night of roving, ravishing, electric music: longstanding powerhouse EFFT offers a set of spacefaring folk rock, art rock band Grex explores the intersection between lilting song and the dizzying outer reaches of noise and free jazz, and two-piece For Now performs a sublime set of art pop-inflected electronic music.

Wednesday, October 18
Wed 10/18 8:00 PM Gray Area Art And Technology [2665 Mission St. SF]
Actress + Russell Butler live at Gray Area
DJ Dials and Gray Area present Actress with Russell Butler and more live in the Grand Theater! Doors are at 8:00pm.
Actress can produce mirage-like moments of beauty like nobody else. His new album on Ninja Tune, AZD, is described as “a chrome reflected journey into a parallel world.” He plays live for the first time in years at Gray Area’s Grand Theater in San Francisco. Don’t miss this stellar lineup!

Wed 10/18 8:00 PM The Red Poppy Art House [2698 Folsom St @23rd St SF]
Degenerate Art Ensemble – Diphylleia Grayi

Wed 10/18 8:00 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
Gordon Grdina solo/ Gordon Grdina Kjell Nordeson Duo
Gordon Grdina will explore the connection between Arabic Maqam and free improvisation on both the guitar and oud before Kjell Nordeson joins him for a set of improvisational interplay.

Thursday, October 19

Thu 10/19 6:45 PM The Contemporary Jewish Museum [736 Mission St SF]
Students from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music perform Reich’s New York Counterpoint and Philip Glass’ Music in Similar Motion and other selections. Presented in conjunction with The 613 by Archie Rand, contemporary classical musicians perform works by twentieth-century Jewish minimalist composers. Concerts take place in the gallery.

Thu 10/19 8:00 PM Luggage Store Creative Music Series [1007 Market Street SF]
8:00pm John Bischoff (electronics)
8:40pm Ctrl-Z
Ryan Page, Daniel Steffey, Nick Wang (electronics)
9:20 RTD3
Tom Nunn – inventions, Ron Heglin- voice/brass, Doug Carroll – cello

Thu 10/19 8:00 PM Ivy Room [860 San Pablo Ave Albany]
Turning Into A Butterfly – Zachary Ostroff & Scott Amendola
Is this rock’n’roll? Is it jazz? Is it Japanese, electronic Zydeco music? Turning Into A Butterfly is a metamorphosis (or should we say, meta-bro-phosis) of the dual forces of Scott Amendola and Zach Ostroff.

Thu 10/19 8:00 PM The Red Poppy Art House [2698 Folsom St @23rd St SF]
Degenerate Art Ensemble – Diphylleia Grayi

Friday, October 20

Fri 10/20 8:00 PM Hertz Hall [UC Berkeley campus near corner of College and Bancroft Berkeley]

A diverse set of music by Bay Area composer Jay Cloidt is performed. Included are works for the Sather Tower carillon, the Eco Ensemble String Quartet, solo piano, a “duet for pianist and piano” with interactive electronics, and music from the music theater work DArc: Woman on fire, for singer and cellist.

Fri 10/20 8:00 PM Jupiter [2181 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley]
Joseph’s Bones with Lisa Mezzacappa

Dusted Reviews

English: Tom Rainey with Anti-House at Club W7...

Source: Dusted.

The Rempis Percussion Quartet — Cochonnerie (Aerophonic)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith — The Kid (Western Vinyl)

Nicola Ratti—The Collection (Room 40)

Wadada Leo Smith/Natsuki Tamura/Satoko Fujii/Ikue Mori – Aspiration (Libra)

Tom Rainey Obbligato – Float Upstream (Intakt)

Byron Westbrook — Body Consonance (Hand in the Dark Records)

Jazz in NYC This Week 

Andrew Cyrille

Source: The New York Times.

ANDREW CYRILLE, BEN STREET AND DAVID VIRELLES at Jazz Standard (Oct. 15, 7:30 and 9:30 p.m.). Thelonious Monk’s influence is an impossible thing to bottle or comprehend, so the Jazz Standard’s approach seems apt: It is commemorating what would have been the pianist’s 100th birthday with a three-week-long kitchen-sink celebration. This show is among the many that you especially shouldn’t miss. Mr. Virelles, a pianist, has Monk’s love for corrosive locomotion, but his playing displays a cleaner grace. When he works with Mr. Cyrille, a drummer and luminary of the jazz avant-garde, it’s the percussion that provides a lot of the engine grease. They have played with Mr. Street, a formidable bassist, since at least 2012, when they all collaborated on Mr. Virelles’s stellar album “Continuum.”

GEORGE LEWIS AND STEVE AND IQUA COLSON at the Community Church of New York (Oct. 13, 8 p.m.). George Lewis, a composer and trombonist, literally wrote the book on the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians: His historical tome “A Power Stronger Than Itself” is the authoritative document on this influential collective of composers and improvisers. The association’s New York chapter is mounting weekly shows all month, and this evening Mr. Lewis will present compositions for strings, to be performed by the Mivos Quartet. Earlier in the evening, the association stalwarts and musical power couple Steve and Iqua Colson (he’s a multi-instrumentalist; she, a vocalist) will perform with their band, Continuum, featuring Marlene Rice on violin, Craig Harris on trombone, Santi Debriano on bass and Thurman Barker on drums.

DAN TEPFER’S ‘ACOUSTIC INFORMATICS’ at Le Poisson Rouge (Oct. 15, 8:30 p.m.). Mr. Tepfer, a pianist of lissome grace, is equally comfortable playing his interwoven jazz compositions or Bach’s “Goldberg” Variations. He has great sensitivity on the acoustic piano, but he can go places with his electric keyboard and laptop, too. And there’s more: Mr. Tepfer, who has a bachelor’s degree in astrophysics, has been working recently with the Yamaha Disklavier CFX, a sophisticated player piano. He programs it with algorithms, so that the instrument responds to his improvisations in real time. That project will be on display at this solo concert.

Hans-Joachim Roedelius Interviewed About Ojai Performance

Source: VC Reporter.

Oct. 26, 1934. That’s the birthday of composer Hans-Joachim Roedelius. A founding father of both krautrock and ambient music since the 1960s — both solo and with everyone from Brian Eno to singer-songwriter Lloyd Cole to Kluster, his group with the late Dieter MoebiusRoedelius is making a rare stop in Ojai during a six-week, 18-date tour of North America that would be grueling for a musician half his age. That’s the thing about the avant garde. No one ever died young because of the lifestyle.

Taylor Ho Bynum Fall Performances

Source: Taylor Ho Bynum.

9pm, Friday, October 13: Extreme Trumpet Night at the Angel City Jazz Festival
Bluewhale, 123 Astronaut E S, Onizuka St, Los Angeles CA
Solo sets by me, Jaimie Branch, and Peter Evans, then Peter’s trio – should be extreme!

Saturday, October 22: Tomas Fujiwara’s Triple Double at Edgefest
Kerrytown Concert House, 415 N. 4th Ave., Ann Arbor, MI
Celebrating the release of Tomas’s awesome new recording.

8pm, Friday, November 3: The Barbary Coast Jazz and Creative Music Ensemble at Dartmouth College
Hopkins Center for the Arts, 4 East Wheelock Street, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
I’ve been having a lot of fun at my new job – if you’re in the Upper Valley, come join us for my first concert as director of this ensemble.

8:30pm, Saturday, November 4: Nicole Mitchell at the Stone (New School)
55 W 13th St, NYC

Friday, November 10 – Sunday November 12: Music Unlimited in Wels, Austria
Mary Halvorson curated an incredible festival in Wels this year – I’ll be playing with Tomas’s Triple Double on Nov 10 and the collective quartet Illegal Crowns on Nov 12.

November 13-18: Illegal Crowns European Tour
Mary Halvorson (guitar), Benoit Delbecq (piano), Tomas Fujiwara (drums) and me will be hitting Paris, London, Avignon, and Strasbourg

Electronica-Fest 2017 in Maryland November 4

Maryland Electronic, Experimental and Electroacoustic (MD3E) is pleased to again curate this event sponsored and supported by the National Electronic Museum. The event is a fundraiser to aid the Museum`s S.E.T. outreach programs.
It will run from 12 noon to 9pm.

National Electronic Mueum, 1745 West Nursery Road, Linthicum, Maryland

Admission is $10, all day with re-entry. Entry can be paid at the front desk or to Mike Simons or any museum staff.

Event schedule :
12 – 12:30 – International Electromatics
12:30 – 1 – Stuart Rosenzweig
1 – 1:30 – Jeff Brown
1:30 – 2 – Fast Forty
2 – 2:30 – Geoff Wilt
2:30 – 3 – Gone Coastal
3 – 3:30 – G.H.I.
3:30 – 4 – Synth-tech Project
4 – 4:30 – Blk / Tag
4:30 – 5 – Jeff Surak
5 – 5:30 – Winston Psmith Project
5:30 – 6 – Arthur Loves Plastic
6 – 6:30 – Bushmeat Airways
6:30 – 7 – KEVSAB
7 – 7:30 – Bourdon
7:30 – 8 – Beau Finley
8 – 8:30 – Audio Mace
8:30 – 9 – Daniel Barbiero / Ken Moore