Jazz in NYC This Week 

English: Peter Apfelbaum live at Saalfelden 20...

Source: The New York Times.

PETER APFELBAUM’S SONG OF THE MYSTIC THREAD at Greenwich House Music School (Oct. 7, 8 p.m.). Mr. Apfelbaum, a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist, draws influences from around the globe, typically in service of a sound that’s big and sanguine and whorled — full of incisive funk and frothy improvising. He plays here with a new group, Song of the Mystic Thread, featuring two practitioners of the gyil, a Ghanaian xylophone — the master Alfred Kpebesaane and his protégé, Brittany Anjou — as well as Charlie Burnham on violin and vocals, Mali Obomsawin on bass, and April Centrone on drums and riqq, a Middle Eastern variant of the tambourine.
212-242-4770, greenwichhouse.org

LISA MEZZACAPPA’S ‘GLORIOUS RAVAGE’ at Roulette (Oct. 12, 8 p.m.). Ms. Mezzacappa, a bassist, is releasing “Glorious Ravage,” an album of tenacious momentum and teetering squall. This invigorating music, often freely improvised, takes the form of a 10-part suite dedicated to female explorers and adventurers of the Victorian era. It’s written for large ensemble, and centers on Fay Victor’s frisky, implacable vocals, and the restless pianism of Myra Melford. Ms. Mezzacappa presents the work here with a 14-piece band, accompanied by projected video footage created by a team of four moving image artists.
917-267-0368, roulette.org

RAZA Y RESISTENCIA at El Taller Latino Americano (Oct. 7-8, 7:30 p.m.; Oct. 9, 7 p.m.). Most jazz fans know Arts for Art for its annual Vision Festival, the banquet of avant-garde improvising that takes place downtown every spring. But the organization programs music year-round, always with an ear to the symbiosis between radical art and anti-authoritarian politics. This holiday weekend, Arts for Art teams up with El Taller, a Latin American cultural center in East Harlem, for a three-day festival it is calling an “UnColumbus Celebration.” Highlights include Francisco Mora Catlett’s AfroHORN, playing Saturday; TipRingSleeve, featuring Craig Taborn on piano, Tomeka Reid on cello and Ches Smith on percussion, on Sunday; and a Monday night appearance from William Parker’s Songs of Freedom ensemble.
212-254-5420, artsforart.org