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AMN Reviews: Brandon Seabrook’s Needle Driver – Needle Driver (2017; Nefarious Industries)

Guitar virtuoso Brandon Seabrook is back with the first release from his power trio Needle Driver. This self-titled EP includes Allison Miller on drums (you may know her from her solo efforts as well as stints on Late Night with Seth Meyers) and Johnny Deblase (you may know him as the bassist of avant-math-rock group Zevious). Perhaps Zevious is the best point of reference for Needle Driver, as Seabrook and company provide five short bursts of energy, each featuring aggressive riffing, speed picking, and disjointed time changes. Particularly, Deblase and Seabrook’s lines are barely controlled chaos, with Miller doing her best to keep them rooted. The result involves massive walls of harmonic progressions made from thousands of individual notes. Still, one track, ventwhorerisin’, provides an extent of atmospherics to counterpoint the album’s otherwise all-out approach. On it, Seabrook crafts a brooding guitar soundscape in between pounding riffs.

Fans of the aforementioned Zevious, as well as Dillinger Escape Plan (minus vocals of course), Upsilon Acrux, and Ahleuchatistas will find a lot to like here. The album comes out October 27 on Nefarious Industries.