Steve Swell News

Source: Steve Swell.

I have just finished a ten day tour with the amazing Frode Gjerstad, Paal Nilssen-Love and Jon Rune Strom. This was our third tour and the band just grows and evolves each night. We had an amazing first gig in Chicago where Dave Rempis played the second set and then we went on each day traveling then playing in the evening. We spent quality time with legend Chuck Nessa in Michigan as he shared some great stories and played us a new release of Roscoe Mitchell‘s. We finished the tour at the great Firehouse 12 space in Connecticut. The feeling of the band musically and the friendships here have been gratifying to me both musically and personally. I am ever so lucky to know and play with these gentlemen. The group will be touring Europe in February of next year. Also while we had a gig and a day off in Montreal, Matana Roberts invited me to a studio there to record her new Coin Coin record. How great is that!!!

Coming up next will be my Leaf Peeping in Poland: If Trains Could Speak piece with my text and music presented as part of the Interpretations series at Roulette on October 5 at 8pm.

Also look for my live performance/recording of “Music for Six Musicians: Hommage à Olivier Messiaen” completed and performed on June 13.

The day after my Roulette performance I will leave for St. Louis, Missouri where I will conduct several workshops/talks, one at Washington University then perform the next evening with my band Soul Travelers as part of St. Louis’ New Music Circle. That band has Jemeel Moondoc, Dave Burrell, William Parker and Chad Taylor.

The day after that I will fly from St. Louis to Krakow, Poland to perform Swedish musician Per-Ake Holmlander’s compositions with a number of terrific European improvisers.

I will be doing two concerts with Joe McPhee and Dick Griffin with our trombone trio: Trombone Insurgency in Seattle, October 28 and also at Edgefest on October 18th.

At Edgefest on October 21 I will perform again with Soul Travelers but with Gerald Cleaver on drums this time

On November 11 I will be at Joe’s Pub performing David Haney’s “Jazz Stories” concert once again with Bernard Purdie and on December 4th I will be at the Stone for Mars Williams’ celebration of Albert Ayler with Joe McPhee, Chris Corsano