Dead Neanderthals Interview

Source: A Jazz Noise.

Dead Neanderthals are the self-described “New Wave of Dutch Heavy Jazz” and offer a particular free, drone-filled, restless take on jazz (and noise) in the 21st century. Releases this year include the unsettling “Craters”, the unrelentingly brutal collaboration with Sly & the Family Drone, “Molar Wrench“, and the experiment-in-environment, “The Depths”. Core duo René Aquarius (drums) and Otto Kokke (saxophone) both answer the following 7 Questions and maybe, just maybe, in the similarities and contradictions can be divined their peculiar relationship… or maybe not.

The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

English: Frode Gjerstad, moers festival 2008

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

W-2 – Fanatics (Astral Spirits, 2017) ****

Fred Van Hove & Roger Turner – The Corner (Relative Pitch, 2017) *****

MiND GAMeS – Ephemera Obscura (Clean Feed, 2017) ****

Vilhelm Bromanders Initiativ — Allt åt Alla (Signal And Sound Records, 2017) ****

Viva Black feat. Gretli & Heidi – Mal Sirine (Kopasetic, 2017) ***1/2

Seval – Fragile (Found You Recordings, 2016) ****

Jari Haapalainen Trio – Fusion Machine + Fusion Madness (Moserobie, 2016, 2017) *** / ****

John Butcher, Damon Smith, Weasel Walter – Catastrophe of Minimalism (Balance Point Acoustics, 2017) ****½

Leap of Faith – Domains (Evil Clown, 2017) ****

Alvin Fielder / Frode Gjerstad / Damon Smith — The Shape Finds Its Own Space (FMR Records, 2016) ***½

Seattle Scene: September 29 – October 6, 2017

From Seattle’s Wayward Music Series:


Chapel Performance Space at Good Shepherd Center

4th Floor, 4649 Sunnyside Ave. N, Seattle 98103 (corner N 50th St. in Wallingford)

Every month, Nonsequitur and a community of like-minded presenters and artists offer ten concerts of adventurous music in an informal yet respectful all-ages setting: contemporary classical, free improvisation, the outer limits of jazz, electronic music, microtonal/new instruments, sound art, and other extraordinary sonic experiences.

Roedelius + Xambuca + Hair & Space Museum
Thu. Sep. 28, 8 PM; SOLD OUT!

Renowned as one of the greatest innovators of the krautrock and ambient movements, Hans-Joachim Roedelius formed the influential krautrock group Cluster and went on to be a member of Harmonia, fostering the early German experimental music scene which continues to influence the landscape of electronic music to this day. With guests Xambuca and Seattle’s Hair & Space Museum. Presented by Patchwerks.

Love Theme + Sun Pack
Fri. Sep. 29, 8 PM; $12 advance, $14 at door

Love Theme (Alex Zhang Hungtai, Austin Milne, Simon Frank) crafts new age dirges with drones, dark-toned horns and background static. Sun Pack, the quintessential seafoam ambient project of Niki Smith and Collin Ward, exists in a space somewhere between Teen Suicide and Mogwai. Niki Smith’s voice glides on the surface of rippling interwoven acoustic guitar, lofi synths, and bird sounds. Presented by Vera Project.

Sat. Sep. 30, 8 PM; $5 – $15 donation at door

Organized by NYC choreographer Beth Graczyk and composer/guitarist Tom Baker, Radiosonde brings an element of structure to an open improvisatory setting. With scores designed by Graczyk and Baker, the group follows prompts (shapes, words, colors) to give an overall shape to the moment-by-moment decisions being made in real-time. With Greg Campbell, percussion; Jesse Canterbury, clarinets; Brian Cobb, bass; dancer Corrie Befort, and others TBA.

THU. 10/5 – Matrio is Tom Baker (guitars), Greg Campbell (percussion), and James Falzone (clarinets) w/ guest musicians and dancers + Trevor O’Loughlin Ensemble

FRI. 10/6 – composer/bassist John Teske presents his vectorscores with percussionist Sean Hamilton

Dirk Serries News

Source: A new release and some performances.

(CDR, Raw Tonk Records 2017)

Invited by Raw Tonk Records’ chief Colin Webster, Dirk Serries teamed up with turntablist and sounddesigner Graham Dunning for a series of improvised concerts as part of the Raw Tonk Records’ 5th anniversary events. From the 3 performances this set features two of them, one at De Ruimte in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and the other at a jazzclub De Singer in Rijkevorsel (Belgium). While improvised this definitely moves into different territories : intense soundscapes, drones, bluesy distant guitars and much more. Now available as pre-order from the Raw Tonk Records bandcamp along with two other live releases (Lisle & Webster – Live At De Singer / Ma Ti Om – Live In London).

Jazzcase at Dommelhof, Neerpelt (B) November 16th 2017

Jazzcase’s curator Cees Van De Ven invited Dirk Serries for an artist in residency. During this 4-day residency Dirk will team up with Colin Webster (sax), Jan Daelman (flute), Nils Vermeulen (double bass), George Hadow (drums) and Martina Verhoeven (piano). Centered around Martina’s piano leitmotif, TONUS is an exercise in modern composing and avantgarde, challenging for both musicians as audience in anticipation, subtility and deep listening. The premiere will take place on Thursday November 16th 2017 at Dommelhof (Neerpelt, Belgium). More info (in Dutch) here. Tickets are available here.

21.10 – DIRK SERRIES SOLO AMBIENT DRONE – Christuskirche Bochum (Germany)
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