William Parker’s “Criminals in the White House” in NY

English: Photography of William Parker at Jazz...

Source: Brooklyn Vegan.

The legendary bassist, composer and multiple band leader William Parker, a major force in free jazz, brought a politically charged concept performance to Le Poisson Rouge on September 20. Called In Order to Survive: “Criminals in the White House,” it was conceived as a vehicle to shine further light on the current state of the United States.

When Parker and band took the stage, he told the crowd that he felt sad that beautiful music had to be destroyed by such ugliness and that the problems really ramped up during George Bush’s tenure but have been prevalent since 1776. He hoped that the beauty of the music would bring out the inner beauty in others and help put an end to racism and discrimination. He introduced the opening track referring to the nation’s corrupt leadership and made his feelings known quite bluntly by its title alone, “They’re All Scumbags”.