Tyshawn Sorey Latest Release Reviewed

Source: Bleader.

Few configurations have produced music more starkly beautiful and quietly ruminative in recent years than Tyshawn Sorey‘s trio with pianist Cory Smythe and bassist Chris Tordini. Last month the group released its third album, Verisimilitude (Pi), and while superficially less grandiose than last year’s ravishing The Inner Spectrum of Variables, which added three string players to the fold, without reservation I would say it’s the trio’s greatest accomplishment. Two of the pieces were commissions premiered at the 2016 Newport Jazz Festival, so it’s not surprising that the aptly titled opening track “Cascade in Slow Motion” features Sorey’s elegant drumming, a dramatic, subtly surging presence that both lifts the simple, meditative figures elaborated by Smythe and offers a rich vocal point on its own, mirroring the same sort tumble of sound voiced on piano.