Fall Shows at Philadelphia’s Bowerbird

English: Alan Licht Français : Alan Licht

Source: Bowerbird.

September 19th (tuesday)
Kazuhisa Uchihashi + Daniel Fishkin

The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
8pm; FREE

Bowerbird is pleased to present the international collaboration between daxophone masters Daniel Fishkin (Philadelphia) and Kazuhisa Uchihashi (Japan).

The daxophone is a thin hardwood strip played with a bow, created by German improviser/inventor Hans Reichel in 1987. The instrument’s sound, somewhere between a cello and a badger, ranges from furtive gurgles to wild screams. In 2005, Daniel Fishkin fell in love with this instrument and built one of his own. Eventually, he built hundreds of daxophones, becoming attuned to the sonic qualities of wood species and carved shapes. After Reichel’s death, the fate of this instrument became unclear. Kazuhisa Uchihashi, a creative partner of Reichel, is now a leading proponent of the daxophone. Uchihashi performs on Reichel’s instruments, in addition to presenting installations and exhibits about the daxophone. In 2015, Fishkin met Uchihashi in Berlin. They represent different “schools” of daxophone – the new and the old, the postmodern and classical. This is their first public performance.

October 10th (Tuesday)
The World According to Sound

University Lutheran
3637 Chestnut St
8pm; Admission $10-$15

Bowerbird is pleased to present The World According to Sound, an immersive sonic experience by Sam Harnett and Chris Hoff. During the performance, the audience sits blindfolded at the center of a ring of loudspeakers. Listeners will be transported inside another person’s head, and back in time a hundred years to the streets of Berlin. They’ll fly out into space and bore deep inside the bowels of the earth. There is a musical washing machine, sonorous sporting events, and the disturbing howl Marco Polo heard while crossing the Gobi Desert. There’s absolutely nothing to see. It will be a spectacle entirely for the ears.

October 12th (Thursday)

James Ilgenfritz, Bhob Rainey, Gabi Losoncy

University Lutheran (UniLu)
3637 Chestnut St
8pm; Admission $10-$15

Bowerbird is pleased to present a triple bill featuring New York Contrabassist, James Ilgenfritz, composer and performer Bhob Rainey, and Philadelphia sound artist Gabrielle Losoncy. James will be performing work from his recent solo CD, and more. From hypnotic drone works to astounding feats of technical virtuosity, this collection of works brings hyper-complexity, improvisation, and lyrical beauty together into a deeply personal tour-de-force of music invention.

October 19th (Thursday)
Alan Licht
Chris Forsyth

University Lutheran
3637 Chestnut St
8pm; Admission $10-$15

Bowerbird is pleased to present Alan Licht and Chris Forsyth at UniLu. Guitarist Alan Licht, known as an avant garde, experimental musician, will be performing music from his solo acoustic album Currents.