Interview with Chris Pitsiokos 

Source: Jazz Right Now.

JazzTokyo (JT): It’s been 5 Years since you first appeared in Brooklyn Improvised Music Scene. How do you think your mindset has been changed since then?

Chris Pitsiokos (CP): While my aesthetics have changed substantially, my artistic goals have remained relatively constant. I believe that artists can attain something universal through intense introspection and intuition. In this way, I believe the personal and the universal are often the same. (Given current trends in anthropology, sociology, and identity-politics-obsessed left and right wing American politics, that seem to deny the existence of any kind of universally shared sentiment, this is an unpopular stance.)

I also believe that in ensemble playing, the compositions should allow for the greatest amount of freedom possible for each of the performers to express their unique musical voices. In this way, each performer is forced to stand on his/her own and express his/her own interpretation of the personal/universal through the music. If one performer fails in this, the whole piece can fail. These have basically been my goals for the last five years, and I believe they will continue to be my goals.