AMN Reviews: Haunted Me – Gretchen Feast on Slow Things (2017; Bandcamp)

Italy’s Claudio Begovic goes by the moniker Haunted Me for his series of dark ambient / electronic releases. Gretchen Feast on Slow Things is a single-track EP, 21 minutes in length, that exemplifies Begovic’s compositional approach. Particularly, overlapping drones are layered with echoing percussion, distorted spoken-word vocals, and guitar feedback elements. This results in a rich, multifaceted, and fluid soundscape. Perhaps intentional, perhaps not, these instrumental techniques each seem to emulate a sound of nature or industry, including sweeping wind, calls of wild animals, mechanical rhythms, and indistinct chants. The progression is telling as well – from nature to machine to melancholy human. Is Begovic trying to say something about our trajectory? Even if not, the album stands alone as a singular and compelling slab of ominous, post-industrial discordance.