AMN Reviews: Haunted Me – Gretchen Feast on Slow Things (2017; Bandcamp)

Italy’s Claudio Begovic goes by the moniker Haunted Me for his series of dark ambient / electronic releases. Gretchen Feast on Slow Things is a single-track EP, 21 minutes in length, that exemplifies Begovic’s compositional approach. Particularly, overlapping drones are layered with echoing percussion, distorted spoken-word vocals, and guitar feedback elements. This results in a rich, multifaceted, and fluid soundscape. Perhaps intentional, perhaps not, these instrumental techniques each seem to emulate a sound of nature or industry, including sweeping wind, calls of wild animals, mechanical rhythms, and indistinct chants. The progression is telling as well – from nature to machine to melancholy human. Is Begovic trying to say something about our trajectory? Even if not, the album stands alone as a singular and compelling slab of ominous, post-industrial discordance.

The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

Gary Peters – Improvising Improvisation (University of Chicago Press, 2017) ****½

Abdul Moimême – Exosphere (Creative Sources, 2017) ****½

Toxic: Mat Walerian, Matthew Shipp, William Parker – This is Beautiful Because We Are Beautiful People (ESP-Disk, 2017) ****

Trio Now! – Live at Nickelsdorfer Konfrontationen 23.07.2016 (Leo, 2017) ****

zeitkratzer / Svetlana Spajic/ Dragana Tomic/ Obrad Milic – Serbian War Songs (Karlrecords, 2017) ****½

zeitkratzer – zeitkratzer performs songs from “Kraftwerk“ and “Kraftwerk 2“ (Karlrecords, 2017) ****

zeitkratzer + Elliott Sharp – ONEIRIKA Live at Berghain Berlin (Karlrecords, 2017) ****

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 20/2017

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Sing Me Some Cry: Eric Revis Double Bass | Ken Vandermark Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet | Kris Davis Piano | Chad Taylor Drums

Mind Games: Angelika Niescier Alto Saxophone | Denman Maroney Hyperpiano | James Ilgenfritz Contrabass | Andrew Drury Percussion

Last Kind Words: Alberto Popolla Clarinet &Amp; Bass Clarinet | Errico DE Fabritiis Alto &Amp; Baritone Sax | Gianfranco Tedeschi Double Bass | Fabrizio Spera Drums + Guests

Lattice: Dave Rempis – Alto/tenor/baritone Saxophone

Cochonnerie: Dave Rempis – Alto/tenor/baritone Saxophone Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – Bass Frank Rosaly –Drums Tim Daisy – Drums

Eric Plaks
Windows to the World Beyond: Eric Plaks, P/ Aquiles Navarro, Tpt

José Lencastre
Fragments of Always: José Lencastre, as/ Rodrigo Pinheiro, P/ Hernani Faustino, B/ Joao Lencastre, Dr

Aspiration: Wadada Leo Smith, Tpt/ Natsuki Tamura, Tpt/ Satoko Fujii, P/ Ikue Mori, Electronics

Lewis Jordan
This Where I Come in: Lewis Jordan and Music at Large

Fill up your Lungs and Bellow: Mike Parr Burman, G/ Jamie Stackbrdge, as/ Adam Stapleford, Dr

Tani Tabbal
Triptych: Tani Tabbal, Dr/ Adam Siegel, as/ Mike Bisio, B

Sides: Erika Dagnino, Poetry, Vo/ Ken Filiano, B/ Satoshi Takeishi, Perc

BassDrumBone and the New Haven Jazz Renaissance

Source: All About Jazz.

When they first began playing together in New Haven, Connecticut in 1977, the trio BassDrumBone—bassist Mark Helias, percussionist Gerry Hemingway and trombonist Ray Anderson—were called OAHSPE. The name, which is supposed to mean “sky earth and spirit,” came from the “new bible” purporting to be the words of “Jehovih and his angel ambassadors” [sic] which had been channeled by New York City dentist John Newbrough in 1880-1881. (If for no other reason, this text is remarkable for having been one of the earliest examples of automatic writing created on a typewriter, the machine having only recently become commercially available.)

Impending Bloom’s DC Music Calendar

On Sunday, September 10th, drummer William Hooker solo, with duet sets by drummer Amanda Huron and guitarist Layne Garrett at Rhizome. At Rhizome, at 6950 Maple Avenue, in Takoma DC.

On Sunday, September 15th, thru the 17th, the Sonic Circuits Experimental Festival with cellist Janel Leppin and many others at Rhizome. Rhizome is at 6950 Maple Avenue, in Takoma DC.

On Sunday, September 17th, drummer Tom Rainey, saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock, and guitarist Mary Halvorson, at the Wind-Up Space in Baltimore.

On Sunday, September 17th, bassist Corcoran Holt Quintet, @ The Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage, in WDC.

On Sunday September 17th, drummer Tom Rainey, saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock, and guitarist Mary Halvorson @ Windup Space, Baltimore. The Windup Space is at 12 W North Ave, Baltimore, Maryland. Door at 8pm. Music begins at 8:15pm.

On Tuesday, November 14th, Gato Libre, an ensemble of trumpet, trombone, and featuring pianist Satoko Fujii on accordion, at 7PM @ Rhizome, at 6950 Maple Avenue, in Takoma DC.

Dirk Serries New Releases and Upcoming Performances



The heavy-hitting quartet, John Dikeman on tenor saxophone, Dirk Serries on eletric guitar, Andrew Lisle on drums and Colin Webster on alto & baritone saxophone, comprises four long-term sparring partners on the European improvised music scene. The quartet first played together in 2015 at Café Oto, and this set was released as their debut album. The quartet followed this up in 2016 with their double LP ‘Apparitions’ on the A New Wave of Jazz label. This time they played the VORTEX JAZZ CLUB with special guest Alan Wilkinson. This double album covers that complete evening : set one is the original quartet that sets the pace, on set two they are joined by power legend Alan Wilkinson on baritone and alto saxophone. By the VORTEX CLUB owner Olivier Weindling marked as one of the loudest and most powerful concerts ever that took place at this club. So imagine this when you hear the faithful representation of both those concerts.


Aside from the multiple encounters in various units, like the impromptu concert with Colin Webster at Kortrijk’s legendary Cinépalace, Fantoom (with Dead Neanderthals) or in the quintet with Luis Vicente, George Hadow and John Dikeman (forthcoming on A New Wave Of Jazz), Martina Verhoeven and Dirk Serries finally debut as a duo with this exceptional album. ‘Innocent As Virgin Wood’ refers to the purity of wood in sound, feeling and performance. Martina Verhoeven plays here the Steinway grandpiano while Dirk Serries excercises his techniques on the acoustic guitar. Fully improvised and recorded at the acoustically flawless Sunny Side Studio in Anderlecht, this album listens as one long story of deep listening and microscopic interaction. Daring, attention-span absorbing and unsettling while spacious and refined. This is by far the most challenging album on A New Wave Of Jazz to date.


10.9 – DST TRIO – Jazzathome, Mechelen (Belgium)
16.9 – MARTINA VERHOEVEN & DIRK SERRIES – Rochus Kapel, Amersfoort (Netherlands) + String Strang
18.9 – ALL STRING NIGHT – De Ruimte, Amsterdam (Netherlands) – all acoustic event w/Henk Zwerver, Raoul Van De Weide, Martina Verhoeven, Dirk Serries, etc.
21.10 – DIRK SERRIES SOLO AMBIENT DRONE – Christuskirche Bochum (Germany)
+ Thisquietarmy
16.11 – TONUS – DIRK SERRIES’ artist in residency – Dommelhof, Neerpelt (Belgium)
sextet : Dirk Serries, Colin Webster, Martina Verhoeven, Jan Daelman, Nils Vermeulen, George Hadow