RIP Holger Czukay

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Holger Czukay, the co-founder and bassist of the iconic Krautrock band Can, has died, Cologne newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger reports. He was 79. He was reportedly found dead in the original Can studio in Weilerswist (formerly a movie theater) near Cologne, where he had allegedly been living. His cause of death is unknown. It marks the second loss for the band this year; founding drummer Jaki Liebezeit passed away in January. A prolific inventor, Czukay helped pioneer sampling, which at the time involved the laborious process of manually cutting tape. Aside from his work with Can, he released several solo albums, including his most recent, 2015’s Eleven Years Innerspace.

AMN Reviews: Irene Kepl – Sololos [Fou FR-CD20]; George Cremaschi, Irene Kepl & Petr Vrba – Resonators [Another Timbre at104]

In one new and one recent release, Austrian violinst Irene Kepl appears in two different contexts: As unaccompanied soloist and as a composer and participant in small ensemble play.

SololoS, the new release, consists of twelve improvised solo performances. The performances are for the most part built around a limited set of motifs or techniques which Kepl develops through series of variation, some of them quite minute. She’s especially effective at creating rhythmic motifs out of insistent bowing patterns, which she subsequently colors with changing accents. Many of the pieces are densely textured with all four strings sounding simultaneously, to which Kepl occasionally adds her voice as a fifth layer.

Resonators, released late last year, is a trio recording with Kepl on violin and electronics, George Cremaschi on double bass and electronics, and Petr Vrba on clarinet, trumpet, and electronics. As the title implies, the recording was made with the acoustics of the performance environment foremost in mind; the four pieces on the CD were recorded in two particularly resonant spaces in the Czech Republic. In order to fully exploit the natural resonance of the spaces, the acoustic instruments were fortified with amplification and feedback. Feedback dominates the first track, Cremaschi’s Affective Labor, which conveys a sense of sounds drifting in an expansive space. Kepl’s two compositions stand in pronounced contrast to each other, Soma focusing on timbral variability through bow articulation and slow counterpoint, and Pirol collecting brief, frenetic fragments of pitches and sounds. Pirol’s scattering of quick sounds is quite a different thing from the piece that precedes it, Vrba’s gravely beautiful Locus Resonatus. Here strata of long, overlaid tones create ambiguous harmonies that slowly accumulate tension as the dynamics build to a very gradual crescendo. The richness of the acoustic instruments comes through most clearly, helped along by Vrba’s switch from clarinet to trumpet as the piece unfolds.

Daniel Barbiero

5049 Records Podcast Episode 129 – Ethan Iverson

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A founding member of the Bad Plus, pianist Ethan Iverson has been serious student of jazz for most of his life and at the forefront of generation of contemporary practitioners for the past two decades. For over a decade Ethan has also been conducting interviews with elders statesmen of jazz via his blog Do the Math, documenting crucial conversations through a most unique lens. After seventeen years, as he gets ready to leave the Bad Plus, Ethan joined me for a conversation at my apartment this past Friday to discuss his history with the band, his upbringing, how he feels responsible to the tradition of jazz masters and what the future holds for him.

A Closer Listen’s Fall Modern Composition Preview

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Fall is an introspective season, filled with nostalgia, loss and the sense that something is ending. The timbres of modern composition are a perfect fit for such thoughts. Pianos abound in our fall slate, but there’s still plenty of room for the orchestras small and large, as heard on many of the season’s top entries. There’s even a boxed set so large that it includes nearly a disc a day!

Tom Rainey Trio on Tour

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Tom Rainey, Mary Halvorson and Ingrid Laubrock will be touring the US in September, with dates in Erie, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, NYC, Beacon, Portland, Boston, Goshen, New Haven, Philadelphia and Baltimore! The trio is also going to perform at this year’s edition of The Edgefest in Ann Arbor (10/21)

09/06 PACA, Erie (PA)
09/07 City of Asylum, Pittsburgh (PA)
09/08 Backroom at Allen St Hardware, Buffalo (NY)
09/09 Jazz Gallery, NYC
09/11 Howland Cultural Center, Beacon (NY)
09/12 Space Gallery, Portland (ME)
09/13 The Lilypad, Boston (MA)
09/14 The Institute of the Musical Arts, Goshen (MA),
09/15 Firehouse 12, New Haven (CT)
09/16 Philadelphia Art Alliance, Philadelphia (PA)
09/17 The Windup Space, Baltimore (MD)