The Ambient Sound Art of Porya Hatami

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Iranian electronic musician Porya Hatami has no interest in making you dance. Part of a robust and fertile Iranian underground electronic scene, his compositions occupy a blurry zone between ambient music and sound art. They combine field recordings with highly processed electronic sounds; tracks frequently cruise blithely past the 10-minute mark.

He’s been shockingly prolific; since 2012, he’s put out at least nine solo releases (including full-lengths and a few 3” CDs), two compilations of remixes of his work by others, and multiple collaborations with artists in other countries, including Arovane, from Germany, and Darren McClure, who lives and works in Japan.

It’s possible to hear echoes of everything from Tangerine Dream to Oval to Bernhard Günter in Hatami’s work. A piece may be built around delicate piano laid atop softly pastoral synths, or it may consist of layered crackle, with barely perceptible electronic pulses gradually rising in the background. When sounds from the real world enter Hatami’s creative universe, they’re manipulated almost beyond recognition.