Ornette Coleman’s Crisis Music Returns 

English: Ornette Coleman at Enjoy Jazz Festiva...

Source: Village Voice, coverage of the first CD release of Coleman’s Crisis Music.

In a scene from Ornette: Made in America, Shirley Clarke’s unconventional — and unforgettable — documentary portrait of Ornette Coleman, the musician and composer is on a New York City sidewalk in 1968. Deadly earnest, he asks his drummer the following: “What is it that you do that’s different from other drummers?…It’s obvious you don’t have anything to go by, yet you’re playing as if you did, and that is a very modern way of playing. I’m trying to find out what method you use to be correct, to be right. You’re more right than wrong.” The drummer, smacking away at chewing gum, responds, “Aw, I dunno. I don’t have any particular method or anything.”