San Francisco Scene: August 18-24, 2017

Source: Bay Improviser.

Friday, August 18

Fri 8/18 8:00 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
Drum Dialogues: Jim Santi Owen and Sameer Gupta
Jim Santi Owen and Sameer Gupta represent diverse backgrounds in multiple percussion traditions including North and South Indian classical percussion, Jazz, and New Music. Owen and Gupta, along with special guests, will a present an evening of duet and solo percussion compositions and improvisations on tabla, kanjira, morsing, thavil, drumset, and other percussion.

Fri 8/18 8:00 PM VAMP music • art • consignment [331 19th Street Oakland]
OFJS & VAMP present Ben Westfall & Friends

Saturday, August 19

Sat 8/19 7:00 PM Octopus Literary Salon [2101 Webster St. #170 Oakland]
Michael Goldberg & Henry Kaiser

Sat 8/19 7:00 PM Chalaca Annexo [428 Third St. (@Broadway) Oakland, CA 94607]
Celebrate the Bay Area’s own rich Latin Jazz heritage with habanero-hot flavors of Afro-Cuban Jazz as Steve McQuarry presents Tribu August 19th from 7-10 pm at Chalaca Annexo located at 428 Third Street (@Broadway) in Oakland.

Sunday, August 20

Sun 8/20 7:30 PM SIMM Series @ The Musicians Union Hall [116 9th St @ Mission SF]
7:30pm Shen-Wen Duo
Sophia Shen – pipa; Gabby Wen – guqin
8:30pm Noertker’s Moxie
Annelise Zamula – alto sax, flute; Masaru Koga – tenor sax, flute; Bill Noertker – contrabass; Jason Levis – drums

Sun 8/20 7:30 PM Temescal Arts Center [511 48th Street Oakland]
Doors That Only Open in Silence (open participation workshop in free improvisation)
The monthly series of improvisation research at Temescal Arts Center continues. Bring your instrument or come to listen. No advance notice needed — just show up. Small groups will be randomly assembled from submitted names immediately before each group plays. We try to keep transition time between groups at a minimum. Audience & participants encouraged to donate some cash for space rental. Over by 10pm.

Sun 8/20 8:00 PM The Back Room [1984 Bonita Ave Berkeley]
MAYBE MONDAY: Fred Frith (guitars, effects, etc.) / Miya Masaoka (Dan Bao, electronics) / Larry Ochs (saxophones).

Sun 8/20 8:00 PM Pro Arts [150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza (around the corner from Awaken Cafe) Oakland, CA 94612]
An evening of short sets by musicians incorporating electronics in unique and innovative ways with percussion, violin, and voice. Matt Weston, Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase, Bran(…)Pos, Christina Stanley

Monday, August 21

Mon 8/21 9:00 AM Exploratorium [Pier 15 Embarcadero at Green St SF]
Total Solar Eclipse Sonification 9:15-12:15 am featuring Kronos Quartet
Live video from a telescope array in Caspar, Wyoming, with a computer sonification.
Kronos Quartet joins the live score at 10:30 am (for 30 minutes.)
live at the Exploratorium, in the Kanbar Forum!
Sonification Starts: 9:15am PDT
Kronos Quartet Live: 10:30am PDT (to 11:00am)
Sonification Ends: 12:15pm PDT

Mon 8/21 9:30 PM Studio Grand [3234 Grand Ave, Oakland]
Oakland Freedom Jazz Society: Honor Monaco & Joel Nelson Duo + Joel Nelson & Friends
A revolving group of close collaborators exploring the compositional and improvised music of Joel Nelson. The music, in constant flux, rarely settles into one singular direction as the rotation of musicians (or “players”) and new ideas invariably shift.

Wednesday, August 23

Wed 8/23 7:45 PM The Bindery [1727 Haight Street]
Henry Kaiser, Neha Spellfish, Drought Spa, Filthmilk
Henry Kaiser
With a mind as wide and grin as cracked as an ice cap, Henry Kaiser doesn’t try to be an iconoclast; it’s just categories themselves failing to encompass his strange fascinations and unrestrained expression.
Neha Spellfish (Oakland/Madrid)
With low frequency waves washing up on a beach of dark noise ambience, Neha Spellfish delves into the shared space of interspecies communication and paramnesia, invoking the spectral measure of waking consciousness and noospheric cognition.
Drought Spa
The boundary splitting duo of Alex Cruse and Kevin Ck Lo infuses the inhuman digital with intuition, combining randomized interactions of layers and language until all patterns implode only to reconfigure as breathing rubble.
For seventeen years, the sideways smile of Filthmilk’s Erich Fendler has tilted the earth on which San Francisco live music slips and slides.

Wed 8/23 8:00 PM Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
Danish pianist Søren Kjaergaard performs solo piano improvisations from an ongoing artistic research project that looks into solo performance as an expressive format for multi-layered and multi-directional improvisation. As a pianist and improviser Søren Kjærgaard is engaged in how one can open a field of possibilities within the natural limitations of the solo format and the core relation: Player – Piano.
Chris Brown opens with a performance of his 2003 improvisational work “Retrospectacles”, for piano and interactive electronic signal processing.

Thursday, August 24

Thu 8/24 8:00 PM Luggage Store Creative Music Series [1007 Market Street SF]
8:00 pm Fistortion
Brian Pedersen-sax, Jay Korber-drums, Greg Gorlen-electronics
8:40 pm New Olduvai Trio (Philadelphia powerhouse freejazz)
Elliott Levin- words/reeds, Tom Rollison- guitar, Mogauwane Mahlole- percussion
9:20 pm Blood Oath – (a noise-metal saxophone-drum duo from Los Angeles)

Moldejazz Festival Reviewed

Source: Jazzwise.

For an old-timer festival, Moldejazz still retains a youthful sense of adventure, its programming boasting an emphasis on unlikely encounters, first time presentations and boldly variegated music forms. We could shake our bluesy hips, but we could also tremble under the full onslaught of free-squall. We could leaf through the standard Broadway songbook, but we could also nod cerebellums to the most advanced forms of avant-rap.

Craig Taborn Interview

Craig Taborn (Prezens, at the Vortex (London) ...

Source: All About Jazz.

Craig Taborn is among the most creative musicians on today’s scene. His music is shaped by a deep intellectual curiosity towards a wide range of artistic forms and sources of knowledge. His technical, stylistic, emotional and mental versatility have allowed him to collaborate with a large range of recognized masters in diverse styles of contemporary jazz.

Despite such diversity and versatility, Taborn has a distinctive, recognizable and focused approach. His piano style, especially evident on the solo album Avenging Angel (2011, ECM), is based on a prodigious polyrhythmic intricacy as well as on counterpoints which are at times dense and at other times delicate and expansive. One can hear echoes of Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Cecil Taylor and Sun Ra coming out of the creases of his playing. On Daylight Ghosts, his most recent album, Taborn displays a striking capacity to write compositions for his quartet which leave room for endless surprises delivered through a flurry of ostinatos, counterpoints and unisons, amidst highly organized structures.

Sun Ra Profiled

English: Sun Ra at New England Conservatory, F...

Source: The Believer Logger.

For four decades, from the early fifties until his death in 1993, Sun Ra and his Arkestra baffled, dazzled and aggravated jazz fans with an uncompromising and unpredictable musical style that wandered the spectrum from finger-popping bebop to the harshest of atonal free jazz (sometimes in the same piece), and a mythology that often kept audiences off-balance and guessing. Sun Ra didn’t sell many records in his lifetime, but along with the Arkestra, he nevertheless became the stuff of legend.

The Best New Ambient Music on Bandcamp

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

There are infinite atmospheric worlds available on Bandcamp. From the dreamy to the nightmarish, and the meditative to the deeply unsettling, these compositions often fall under the ambient umbrella. Albums without words that are deeply thoughtful and thought-provoking in their own way—these releases come from all corners of the globe. Every month, Aurora Mitchell will take you through the best ambient releases. In this debut edition, we present releases from both June and July. There’s environmental field recordings sourced from a trip to Turkey; nostalgic, Boards of Canada-indebted sounds from Russia; and beautiful, nature-heavy ambient from Japan.