Second Inversion Reviews

Source: Second Inversion.

Women in (New) Music: Remembering Ana-Maria Avram (1961–2017)
John Cage: Piano Sonata XI from the Sonatas and Interludes (Centaur Records)
John Adams: Phrygian Gates (RCA Records)
So Percussion and Matmos: “Flame” from Treasure State (Cantaloupe Music)
David Leisner: Dances in the Madhouse (Centaur Records)
Trimpin: Above, Below, and In Between (Seattle Symphony Media)
Mamoru Fujieda: Patterns of Plants: The Fifteenth Collection (Pinna Records)
Quentin Sirjacq: “Far Islands” (Schole Records)
Philip Glass: “Floe” from Glassworks (Sony Classical)
Thinking Outside the Voice Box: Stacey Mastrian on Contemporary Vocal Music
John Cage’s Music for Speaking Percussionist by Bonnie Whiting
Expanding the Piano Keyboard: Jesse Myers on Experimenting with Electronics
Florent Ghys: “An Open Cage” (Cantaloupe Music)
Anthony Barfield: Soliloquy (Albany Records)
Augusta Read Thomas: “Incantation” (MSR Classics)
A Singer’s Account of György Ligeti’s Requiem
Los Angeles Percussion Quartet’s Beyond