Berlin Atonal Festival Starts Today

Wolf Eyes in Glasgow in 2006

Source: Electronic Beats.

In 2013 Laurens von Oswald, Harry Glass and Paulo Reachi resuscitated Atonal Festival and brought it to the huge and beautiful Kraftwerk complex, and since then it has become bigger than ever. This year involves five days of avant-garde music, audio/visual performances and DJ sets that run the gamut from Romanian spectralist compositions to industrial noise live jams to all manners of hard and ambient techno stylings. The 2017 lineup includes noise pranksters Wolf Eyes (who chatted with L.I.E.S. label head Ron Morelli for us here), Copenhagen‘s SHAPE program techno DJ trio Apeiron Crew, deep house classicist Pépé Braddock and mid-century spectralist Iancu Dumitrescu. And while that may sound like a pretty erratic selection, those familiar with Atonal and its legacy will recognize a common thread that stretches back to the spirit and tastes of its original incarnation.