AMN Reviews: Kyle Bruckmann / Sam Pluta / Katherine Young – Live . Elastic . 10.20.16 (2017; Minus Zero)

Minus Zero is a new label started by Vijay Anderson, Ben Goldberg, and Dina Maccabee. All of the proceeds from album sales are donated to Planned Parenthood. This is a review in an ongoing series covering the label’s releases.

Don’t be put off by the album cover – this is some scary stuff. A 33-minute slab of processed improv featuring Kyle Bruckmann on oboe and English horn, Sam Pluta on electronics, and Katherine Young on bassoon and electronics, the aptly-titled Live . Elastic . 10.20.16 was recorded at Chicago’s Elastic Arts. Bruckmann and Young drone respectively, and make liberal use of extended techniques. As a consequence, it can be hard to tell where the playing ends and the electronics begin. Pluta and Young provide distorted structural elements and walls, using decimated samples among other approaches. Bruckmann’s contributions are high-pitched and complimentary to Young’s lower-register offerings. Given the near-complete lack of melody, this recording is solidly in free improv camp. And with use of non-traditional instrumentation, Bruckmann, Pluta, and Young comfortably flirt with the extreme wing of that genre. Listening to how this trio plays off of one another and responds to their bandmates makes Live . Elastic . 10.20.16 a compelling and enjoyable release.

REDCAT’s Fall Season

Lou Harrison

Source: Los Angeles’s REDCAT.

Oct 07
Angel City Jazz Festival
The 10th Annual Angel City Jazz Festival arrives at REDCAT with a double bill: the music of Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures and Go: Organic Orchestra.

Oct 24
Sounding Limits: The Music of Pascale Criton
The expressive duo of Silvia Tarozzi (violin) and Deborah Walker (cello) join CalArts composer and violist Eyvind Kang to present the U.S. premiere of recent works by the innovative French composer Pascale Criton.

Nov 09 to Nov 12
Keeril Makan and Jay Scheib: Persona
Based on Ingmar Bergman’s classic film, Persona is a provocative and artistically complex depiction of human frailty, cruelty and identity. In an isolated summer house, a young nurse becomes caretaker of a stage actress who has suddenly lost the ability to speak.

Nov 17
EXO//ENDO performs Ulrich Krieger: Black Sun Rebirth and Braden Diotte: General Manifest
The boundary-breaking ensemble EXO//ENDO joins forces with renowned saxophone interpreter Ulrich Krieger for the world premiere of his Black Sun Rebirth.

Dec 08
Bennie Maupin plays The Jewel and The Lotus (1974, ECM)
Jazz legend Bennie Maupin appears at REDCAT for the first live performance of The Jewel and the Lotus, an iconic ECM release from 1974.

Dec 09
Lou Harrison: Music of the Pacific
Continuing the worldwide musical celebration of Lou Harrison’s centennial, this diverse program presents a rare opportunity to hear a survey of works by the ebullient composer known for his fearless blending of Eastern and Western sounds.

Dec 10 to Dec 11
Studio: Fall 2017
REDCAT’s quarterly program of new works and works-in-progress highlights new forms of dance, theater, music and multimedia performance in a wide-ranging evening that celebrates the vitality of L.A.’s next-generation artists making work for the stage.

5049 Records Episode 126 – Fay Victor 

Source: 5049 Records.

Fay Victor is a vocalist and composer who has become an increasingly regular and vital participant in the world of New York City jazz and improvised music. She grew up in Long Island, cut her teeth in Brooklyn and has worked with a broad range of contemporary artists from Butch Morris to Anthony Braxton, Ken Filiano to Joe Morris. Her vocals and lyrics express a deep courage and vulnerability. For this talk Fay takes me back to her early days of musical exploration, through her time in Japan and the Netherlands, up to her current work. A good one.

CEPROSound in Houston

Source: Nameless Sound.

three distinct concerts in three different venues

CEPROSOUND Small Ensembles
Friday, September 15 8pm
Presented in Collaboration with MECA

Hear the Revolution
Performed by Ensamble CEPROMUSIC
Saturday, September 16 3pm
At Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Presented in Collaboration with Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Sunday, September 17 8pm

This September Nameless Sound will present three distinct performances in three venues featuring Mexico City’s Ensamble CEPROMUSIC. Founded in 2012, CEPRO has not only become Mexico’s most prominent professional ensemble for the performance of 20th century notated repertoire, but the 15-piece group has also the played the crucial role of performing works of new and experimental music by living Mexican composers, including almost 100 original works.

But in its short history, CEPRO has approached something else quite unique in their field, accomplishing something rare for a large ensemble of classically-trained virtuosi. In addition to interpreting complex notated works, CEPROMUSIC has evolved into an ensemble that also improvises. In performances of open form pieces by the likes of Pauline Oliveros, Cornelius Cardew, and collaborations with artists such as John Butcher and Christian Wolff, Ensamble CEPROMUSIC is becoming the uncommon group executing music both “on and off the page”. In Fall 2016, Nameless Sound Director David Dove was in residence with the ensemble for one week in Mexico City, intensively workshopping improvisational strategies in preparation for a concert of completely free improvisation. It was a risky undertaking, with the general rule of thumb being that the larger an improvising ensemble, the more diminishing the odds are of a coherent piece of music. But improvisation inherently involves risk, and perhaps, riskier odds may also yield greater returns.

The success of this concert in Mexico planted the seed for CEPROSOUND. A 20-piece ensemble featuring 10 CEPRO musicians and 10 Houston-based Nameless Sound artists will play two concerts. At MECA on Friday, September 15th, the musicians will perform in combinations of smaller ensembles. On Sunday, September 17th, the 20 musicians will perform as an orchestra in a concert of free improvisation, a chancy yet exciting prospect.

In addition to the two concerts combining CEPRO with Nameless Sound musicians, Ensamble CEPROMUSIC will perform a special program of modern Mexican composers at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston in conjunction with their landmark exhibition Paint the Revolution: Mexican Modernism, 1910-1950. In a performance titled Hear the Revolution, Ensamble CEPROMUSIC will present works by Mexican composers who worked during the period covered in the exhibition. Under the direction of CEPROMUSIC Artist Director José Luis Castillo, the program will include pieces by Silvestre Revueltas, Rodolfo Halffter, Carlos Chávez, and Manuel Enríquez, as well as an orchestration of revolutionary corridos. This special concert will be presented in the galleries of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, among the works of the exhibition on Mexican Independence Day, September 16, at 3pm.

Steve Swell Update

Source: Steve Swell.

A live performance/recording of “Music for Six Musicians: Hommage à Olivier Messiaen” was completed and performed on June 13. The concert turned out great thanks to the recording of Robert O’Haire and the mixing of Stuart Popejoy and these great musicians and friends:

Jason Kao Hwang, violin/viola
Tomas Ulrich, cello
Rob Brown, alto saxophone
Robert Boston, piano/organ
Jim Pugliese, drums/percussion.

The recording is due out in the fall.

This fall will include tours with Frode Gjerstad (stateside) in September, two concerts with Soul Travelers (Jemeel Moondoc, William Parker, Dave Burrell, Gerlad Cleaver/Chad Taylor) in St. Louis and at Edgefest (Ann Arbor) in October.

I will be doing two concerts with Joe McPhee and Dick Griffin with our trombone trio: Trombone Insurgency in Seattle and also at Edgefest in October.

October 5 I will present my piece “Leaf Peeping in Poland” with music and text on my thoughts and feelings after a 90 minute train ride to Auschwitz in 2009. This performance will have Jason Kao Hwang, Larry Roland, Chad Taylor, James Ilgenfritz, Patricia Nicholson Parker and Deanna Relyea and will be part of Tom Buckner’s Interpretations Series at Roulette.

I will also be in Krakow for a week in October doing a residency with Per-Ake Homlander with a host of European improvisers to perform new pieces that he is writing.