15 Artists Pick Their Favorite Brian Eno Records

Photograph of Brian Eno at a 2006 Long Now Fou...

Source: The Vinyl Factory.

While very few contemporary musicians can stake a claim to the creation and communication of a genre, it is an accolade publicly bestowed on Brian Eno. Fela Kuti, one of Eno’s heroes, is another. And yet, while both now retrospectively stand as figureheads of ambient and afro-beat, theirs is a legacy built on subtle rather than seismic shifts in musical form.

And where Fela Kuti’s explosive take on highlife didn’t materialise in a vacuum, Brian Eno’s form-stretching electronics are as rooted in expansive prog and avant garde pop as they were in highly structured ’50s rock ‘n’ roll. It’s this which shines to the fore in the quartet of new reissues honing in Brian Eno’s early albums, the 1974 debut Here Come The Warm Jets, his follow up on Island Records Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), 1975’s iconic Another Green World and Before and after Science originally released on Polydor in 1977.


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