The Scientific Benefits Of Exercising With Sun Ra

English: Sun Ra at New England Conservatory, F...

Source: The Quietus.

When you begin a slow-twitch exercise like running or cycling, your body naturally enters a state of indecision. It’s establishing whether you’re trying to escape from something and will therefore require a lot of stamina-boosting blood and oxygen in your legs, or if you’re going to have to fight something, in which case it’ll send blood to the muscles that control your limbs for explosive action should you need to fell an assailant. As a consequence, warming up is essential. It’s time your body spends working out where might be the best place to send all that blood and oxygen. You can’t just start a sprint and expect the best results. For anyone mildly interested in efficient exercise, this is all entry-level stuff. So why, then, do we not make the same allowances for listening to music while we exercise?

The aforementioned parallel, and I think it’s a perfect one, struck me when I thought of the music of Sun Ra.