Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 17/2017

English: Japanese avant-garde jazz pianist and...

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

The Cosmological Constant: the Nu Band- Lou Grassi, Dr/ Thomas Heberer, Cor/ Mark Whitecage, as, Cl/ Joe Fonda, B

Hesitantly Pleasant: Mike Caratti, Dr/ Rachel Musson, Sax/ Steve Beresford, P, Elec

Kisaragi: Natsuki Tamura, Tpt/ Satoko Fujii, P

Lucca &Amp; Bologna Concerts: Szilard Mezei, Vla/ Nicola Guazzaloca, P

Lewis Jordan
This Where I Come in: Lewis Jordan and Music at Large

Setola Di Maiale
Departure: Yoko Miura, P/ Giannni Mimmo, Ss

Charlie Beresford
Each Edge of the Field: Charlie Beresford, G, P/ Sania Hammond, Cello, School Bell

Brian Landrus
Generations: Brian Landarus Orchestra

Mosaique: Greg Mills, P

Ensemble5: Heinz Geisser, P/ Fridolin Blumer, B/ Reto Staub, P/ Robert Morgenthaler, Tbn/ Elliott Levin, FL, Ts, Poetry

Raw Volumes: Alexei Borisov, Dr, Vo/ Bob Meanza, Elec, Synth


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