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Is It Jazz? Improvisation? Tyshawn Sorey Is Obliterating the Lines 

English: Tyshawn Sorey at moers festival 2010

Source: The New York Times. Sorey is interviewed about his latest album.

“I never listen to music passively,” the musician and composer Tyshawn Sorey said recently, nestled in an easy chair at his home studio here. “No matter what it is — if it’s dance music, or if it’s Tibetan ritual, or if it’s noise.” He seemed to be implying that the philosophy flows in both directions: His own music won’t accommodate your preconceptions, so it demands full engagement.

Mr. Sorey, 37, who is about to release his sixth album, is a preternaturally talented multi-instrumentalist who has built a career in the territory between standard definitions. In some circles, he’s thought of as a jazz drummer; in others, he fits in more as an avant-garde composer.