Myra Melford Update

Source: Myra Melford.

MZM, the collectively-led trio I’m in with Miya Masaoka and Zeena Parkins is releasing a CD on Infrequent Seams on August 11, and we’ll be doing a show at The Stone in NYC on August 1, as part of Zeena’s residency there (please check out the whole week!).

On September 2, I’ll be playing with Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom at the Chicago Jazz Festival and on September 8 in a duo with Jenny Scheinman at SF Jazz in San Francisco!

In October, I’ll be on the East Coast for several projects including a performance with Snowy Egret at Firehouse 12 in New Haven, CT on October 13. I’ll then be recording with them over the weekend for a 2018 Firehouse 12 (FH12) release.

Other upcoming releases on FH12 include a DVD from my Retrospective at the Stone in 2015, which is now scheduled to come out in early 2018, and finally(!) the vinyl from my solo recording, Life Carries Me This Way, which is also in the works for late 2017 or early 2018.

Other fall highlights include playing with Ben Goldberg’s fabulous Orphic Machine at the Stone, Lisa Mezzacappa’s Glorious Ravage at Roulette in Brooklyn 10/12 and a European tour with Allison Miller in November!