AMN Reviews: Three Eyed Makara – Moonmilk Roof (2017; Crow Versus Crow)

Moonmilk Roof might be what you would get if you had a modern version of Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza with a bit of psychedelia mixed in – an information-rich slab of shifting tectonics built upon free improvisation. Irish collective Three Eyed Makara revolves around Natalia Beylis (electronics) and Willie Stewart (assorted percussion). This recording also includes Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh (viola) and Djuna Keen (saxophone). The album is only about 33 minutes long but packs quite a bit of atmosphere and musical density across its three tracks.

Heavy emphasis is on rattling, pseudo-rhythmic percussion underneath walls and wails from the electronics, viola, and sax. The result is a burbling witches cauldron of disjointed motifs and drones that never seems to slow down or repeat. Moonmilk Roof was intended to evoke a primeval landscape with battling fauna. Regardless of theme, it stands on its own as an excellent example of small-group improv sounding much bigger than the sum of its parts.