Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 16/2017

English: Saxophonist Mark Whitecage at concert...

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Mike Bisio
Row for William O: Mike Bisio, B/ Kirk Knuffke, Cornet

Accortet: M Bisio, B/ Kir Knuffke, Cornet/ Art Bailey, Acc/ Michael Wimberly, Dr

Sides: Erika Dagnino, Poetry, Vo/ Ken Filiano, B/ Satoshi Takeishi, Perc

Lou Grassi
Live in Madrid: Lou Grassi, Dr/ Marilyn Kerner, P/ Ken Filiano, B

Nu Band Live in Geneva: Lou Grassi, Fr/ Joe Fonda, B/ Thomas Heberer, Tp/ Mark Whitecage, as

Blaise Siwula
Lisbon String Trio with Blaise Siwula: B Siwula, Cl/ Ernesto Rodriguez, Vla/ Miguel Mira, Cello/ Alvaro Rosso, B

Leo Records
Bright Yellow with Bass: Heath Watts, Ss/ Blue Armstrong, B

Live in Moscow: Clarinet Trio with Alexey Kruglove

Tani Tabbal
Triptych: Tani Tabbal, Dr/ Adam Siegel, as/ Mike Bisio, B

Mixed Motion: Tani Tabbal, Dr/ Adam Siegel, as/ Lew Scott, B/ Ben Newsome, Ts

Larry Roland
as Time Flows on: Larry Roland on Solo Bass and Poetry

Duets: Greg Mills on Piano Plays Duets with Various Musicians

Fill up your Lungs and Bellow: Mike Parr Burman, G/ Jamie Stackbrdge, as/ Adam Stapleford, Dr