Tony Conrad Documentary to be Shown July 23 in Cambridge

at the Celebration of the 35th Anniversary of ...

Source: The Boston Globe.

Tony Conrad, the avant-garde filmmaker, artist, and musician, died last year at 76. He was a provocative, iconoclastic, and subversive polymath whose influence and brilliance are increasingly being recognized. He didn’t care much what people thought of his work; in fact, he often was happy when people totally hated it.

Take, for example, his most noted film, “The Flicker” (1968), which consists of a series of alternately black-and-white images projected on the screen to produce a strobe-like effect. “One third of the audience hated it so much they walked out before it even started,” he says gleefully in one of his puckish interviews in Tyler Hubby’s sly, lively, and illuminating documentary, “Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present.”