Avant Music News 15 Most Popular Reviews of 2017 (So Far…)

John Zorn (cropped version)

This year, we have published 64 reviews so far. Most are of new albums, but some cover reissues, books, or live performances. As always, I am grateful to our reviewers for their dedication, time, and effort.

This list is in descending order of popularity, as measured by clicks on individual links to reviews. Unfortunately, the list does not reflect other measures of popularity, such as sharing on social media, but it is a reasonable representation of the reviews that garnered the most interest.

Also, entries on the list might be biased toward reviews that appear earlier in the year, as those have had more time to accumulate traffic. Still, most traffic to reviews arrives in the first week that the reviews are available, so this bias may be small.

  1. John Zorn – The Garden of Earthly Delights (2017; Tzadik)
  2. Dan Phillips’ Chicago Edge Ensemble – Decaying Orbit (2017)
  3. Anglagard – Live: Made in Norway (2017; Blu Ray/DVD)
  4. Dana Jessen – Carve [Innova 910]
  5. Nate Wooley – “The Complete Syllables Music” [Pleasure of the Text Records]
  6. Nelson / Dahl / Podgurski – GRID (2017; NNA Tapes)
  7. Skullflower – The Spirals of Great Harm (2017; Cold Spring Records)
  8. Björkenheim / Sopko / James / Laswell / Yamaki – Inaugural Sound Clash (For the 2 Americas) (2017; M.O.D. Technologies)
  9. Nicole Mitchell – Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds (2017; FPE Records)
  10. Magma – Emehntehtt-Re Trilogie DVD (2017; Seventh Records)
  11. John Zorn – Sacred Visions (2016; Tzadik)
  12. Marco Colonna, Silvia Corda & Adriano Orrù: Istinti Ragionati (Bandcamp)
  13. David Toop – Into the Maelstrom: Music, Improvisation and the Dream of Freedom: Before 1970 [Bloomsbury 2016]
  14. Omar Rahbany – Passport (2017)
  15. Jaimie Branch – Fly or Die (2017; International Anthem)