Sound American 17 is Out

Source: Sound American.

The Rubin Museum’s exhibition features over 20 artists investigating the intersections between contemporary sound practices and Tibetan Buddhist ritual music. Sound American is featuring three participants in a very special “mini-issue.”

Dr. Risha Lee, curator of the exhibition, provides an overview on the show and its philosophy.

Samita Sinha sits down with SA editor, Nate Wooley to talk about abstracting tradition.

Eliane Radigue and Laetitia Sonami are featured in an article on their collaboration, thoughts on sound as body, and their collaboration with Bob Bielecki for the Rubin called Le Corps Sonore.

The Rubin exhibit is open now and will run through January 8th. The Rubin is located at 150 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011.