Creative Music Studio Changes Hands at a Critical Moment for Jazz 

Source: The New York Times.

Mr. Berger and his wife, the vocalist Ingrid Sertso, have been holding C.M.S. workshops since the early 1970s. They founded the organization in Woodstock as a haven for expressionist improvising and cross-pollination between global musical cultures. With a year-round educational program, C.M.S. became a beloved creative breeding ground two hours north of New York City. But by the late 1980s, with grant funding drying up, it was virtually defunct.

In the past five years, though, life has flooded back into the organization thanks to the efforts of a new executive director, Rob Saffer, and a network of C.M.S. veterans who have happily come out of the woodwork. Sensing a new chapter, Mr. Berger and Ms. Sertso have decided that it is time to pass the artistic reins to new hands.