Edgefest 2017 Lineup Announced

Source: Kerrytown Concert House, this year’s Edgefest features a stellar lineup and will take place October 18-21.

Jonathan Taylor Quintet
Jonathon Taylor, drums/composer
Marcus Elliot, saxophone
Michael Malis, piano
Jaribu Shahid, bass
Molly Jones, violin/saxophone

Trombone Insurgency
Steve Swell, trombone
Joe McPhee, trombone
Dick Griffin, trombone

Pheeroan akLaf (percussion) with Scott Robinson (multi-reeds)
Joseph Daley Tuba Trio
Joseph Daley, tuba
Warren Smith, percussion
Scott Robinson, reeds

Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom
Jenny Scheinman, violin
Carmen Staaf, piano
Kirk Knuffke, cornet
Jeff Lederer, clarinet
Todd Sickafoose, bass
Allison Miller, drums

William Hooker (drums) with Michael Malis (piano)
Ben Goldberg’s Invisible Guy
Ben Goldberg, clarinet/composer
Michael Coleman, piano
Hamir Atwal, drums

Tom Rainey Trio
Tom Rainey, drums
Mary Halvorson, guitar
Ingrid Laubrock, tenor saxophone

Andrew Drury’s Content Provider
Andrew Drury, drums/composer
Ingrid Laubrock, tenor saxophone
Briggan Krauss, saxophone
Brandon Seabrook, guitar

Larry Ochs’ Fictive Four
Nate Wooley, trumpet
Ken Filiano, bass/effects
Harris Eisenstadt, drums
Larry Ochs, tenor & sopranino saxophones

Oluyemi Thomas Trio
Oluyemi Thomas, bass clarinet
Djallo Djakate, drums
Kurt Prisbe, drums

Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures with Hamid Drake
Adam Rudolph, composer/percussion,vocal/electronics
Hamid Drake, drumset/vocal/frame drum/congas/bata
Graham Haynes, cornet/flugelhorn/percussion/electronics
Ralph M. Jones, flutes/bass clarinet/husli/ney/saxophones
Kenny Wessel, guitar/electronics/banjo
James Hurt, African percussion/bata/keyboards
Alexis Marcelo, fender Rhodes/piano/percussion
Damon Banks, bass

Steve Swell’s Soul Travelers
Steve Swell, trombone
Jemeel Moondoc, alto saxophone
Dave Burrell, piano
William Parker, bass
Gerald Cleaver, drums

Tomas Fujiwara Double Trio
Brandon Seabrook, guitar
Gerald Cleaver, drums
Ralph Alessi, trumpet
Mary Halvorson, guitar
Taylor Ho Bynum, cornet
Tomas Fujiwara, drums

Andrew Drury leads Edgefest large ensembles at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church


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