Coming to Philadelphia

English: Franco Donatoni

Source: Bowerbird.

Erik Ruin‘s Long/Gone
with a live soundtrack by Ominous Cloud Ensemble
Currently over 100 feet in length, LONG/GONE is a single intricately-cut piece of paper which flows freely from image to image. Narratives and scenarios (often drawn from classic works of literature from Homer to Dante) emerge and collapse and spill over into each other. In performance, Erik scrolls the paper-cut continually across the surface of an over-head projector, creating an epic and immersive shadow-show. His musical group, the Ominous Cloud Ensemble, will provide a live soundtrack.

Tara Middleton, voice
DM Hotep, guitar
Reid Hoffman, guitar
Nick Millevoi, guitar
Myles Donovan, viola, harp
Jesse Sparhawk, harp, banjo
Julius Masri, electronics, kamancheh
Quinn Collins, bass
Scott Verrastro, drums, percussion
Erik Ruin, shadow puppets and projections

Friday, June 16th
The Rotunda
4014 Walnut St
8pm; FREE

Begin Anywhere 07
Bowerbird is pleased to present the next installment of the BEGIN ANYWHERE series, a performer-driven, salon-style concert series curated and performed by the musicians of the Arcana New Music Ensemble.

Oliver Messiaen: Le traquet stapazin (no. 4 of Catalogue d’oiseaux)
Franco Donatoni: Fili
John Cage: Two
John Cage: Aria
Kenneth Amis: Interludes I-IV
Stefan Wolpe: Quartet for Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone, Percussion and Piano

Founded in 2016, the Arcana New Music Ensemble is a group of Philadelphia-based musicians dedicated to presenting interesting, beautiful, and unconventional music in interesting, beautiful, and unconventional places. Built on a flexible roster of 25 musicians, Arcana is able to perform a broad range of repertoire in numerous configurations. Arcana is a project of Bowerbird administered by Elizabeth Huston, Thomas Patteson, and Dustin Hurt.

Aaron Stewart, saxophone
Tessa Ellis, trumpet
Alize Rozsnyai, voice
Andy Thierauf, percussion
David Hughes, piano
Emma Resmin, flute and piccolo
Josh Machiz, bass
Michael Tan, piano

Sunday, June 25th
University Lutheran
3637 Chestnut St
8pm; $10