Vijay Iyer at the Ojai Music Festival Reviewed

English: The Vijay Iyer Quartet performed an i...

Source: LA Times.

Standing near the lip of the stage, Vijay Iyer struggled for the right words as he addressed the Ojai Music Festival crowd Saturday night at a sold-out Libbey Bowl. Reaching for some way to describe his feelings heading into the performance, Iyer settled on “something between a family gathering, a rock concert and that TV show ‘This Is Your Life.’”

On the night’s bill was a piece called “Radhe Radhe,” a tribute to Stravinsky’s beloved “Rite of Spring” with music by Iyer, who was set to collaborate with the International Contemporary Ensemble, or ICE, and composer Tyshawn Sorey, the longtime drummer in his trio.

Grex Touring the West Coast

Source: Grex.

Bay Area art rock band Grex embarks on its 10 year anniversary tour, boasting an all-new set of music. This round of engagements features the group’s two-man-band configuration: a spiraling mesh of lilting songs, intense grooves, and rare noise that suggests the likes of Skeleton Crew, Sonny Sharrock, and Suicide.

June 21, 10pm, Los Angeles, Hyperion Tavern
June 22, 8pm, Long Beach, DiPiazza’s (with MajicBulletTheory, Kirilov)
June 23, 8pm, Pasadena, Battery Books (with Gregory Uhlmann/Chris Speed/Mike Lockwood Trio)
June 25, 8pm, San Diego, The Bancroft (with Nathan Hubbard, Eridia)
June 27, 6pm, Olympia, Le Voyeur (with New Born Babies, Derek M Johnson Love)
June 28, 9pm, Seattle, Substation (with Jean Chalant, Kate Olson SOlo)
June 29, 8pm, Portland, Turn Turn Turn (with Mordecai, Dr. Amazon, Caspar Sonnet)
July 1, 8pm, Placerville, The Band Room (with Akaw!, Pac and Seep)
July 2, 7pm, Oakland, Studio Grand (with Cuddle Magic)
July 8, 8:30pm, Sacramento, Old Ironsides (with Larisa Bryski Band)

Grex (Karl Evangelista-guitar, vocals, drums; Rei Scampavia-keys, vocals, drums) is an art rock band based out of Oakland, California. In biological terms, a “grex” is an entity composed of several smaller organisms. Grex (the band) explores the meeting point between fun, delightfully strange psychedelic pop/rock and the dark outer reaches of noise and free jazz.

Grex has worked with leaders in modern music, including Fred Frith, Roscoe Mitchell, Tony Levin (King Crimson), Steve Mackay (The Stooges), Martin Bisi, and Kronos Quartet, and presented concerts at venues as diverse as The Great American Music Hall, the Switchboard Festival (SF), United States of Asian America Festival (SF), The Sonic Circuits Festival (DC), and Myra Melford’s New Frequencies Festival (SF).

Richard Kamerman Discusses Upcoming 17-hour Performance


Richard Kamerman will be leading a 17-hour performance at Panoply Performance Lab on June 17. Beginning promptly at 7:06 am, the performance will conclude at midnight. Please come check out this groundbreaking piece–drop by and hear part or all of this monumental work. Below is an in-depth interview with the artist.

Richard Kamerman has been breaking electronics and crashing computers while trying to coax interesting and unpredictable sounds out of them for over a decade. Occasionally, he has also presented himself as a more serious composer of re-performable written music. Keywords: amplification, magnification, obfuscation, systems design, game theory, patterns, human error, accident, failure. Although a firm believer in the axiom that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” he ceased collecting his instruments from piles of junk left on the curb several years ago, fearing he might bring home bedbugs. Recordings of his solo or collaborative works have been released by Erstwhile Records, Pilgrim Talk, Contour Editions, RRRecords, and Engraved Glass, among others. Kamerman has performed and/or his work has been otherwise presented throughout the United States as well as internationally in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Chile. He also runs the small press music label Copy For Your Records.