Robert Rich Interview

Source: Star’s End.

I feel as though I have known Robert Rich since the early 1980s, which is when I first heard his music. But we actually met, in person, in 1996, which is when Robert traveled east from his Bay-Area home to the Philadelphia region for a family memorial. I felt as though I had learned a lot by just listening to his music, but after socializing over a few beers, I found Robert to be a confident, learned and substantial person – who through easy, congenial chat presented me with one engaging new idea and thought after another. Our subsequent encounters were no less stimulating, and were added to through the ties of teamwork experienced while presenting his celebrated concert performances in Philadelphia at The Gatherings Concert Series.

As Robert Rich makes ready his Sleep Concert for this weekend, he took time to take part in this interview for our monthly Sound Out feature – which finds me asking him questions which have arisen out of our previous in-person encounters, as well as by his recently released music.