Improvisation Summit of Portland Lineup Announced

English: Bobby Previte Live at Saalfelden 2009...

Source: Creative Music Guild. Takes place June 30 and July 1.

Rich Halley Quartet
Andrea Kleine and Linda Austin
Jonah Parzen-Johnson
Reed Wallsmith, Jonathan Sielaff, Joe Cunnigham, Luke Wyland
Sage Fisher, Paul Schaefer, and Andy Rayborn
Dewey Mahood, Fred Chanelor, Ben Kates and TJ Thompson
Bobby Previte’s Voodoo Orchestra
Ralph Carney, Tim DuRoche, Andre St. James
Alissa DeRubeis Saturday
Bobby Previte Trio
Mathieu Ruhlmann and Lance Austin Olsen
Andrew Durkin’s Breath of Fire
Brandon Conway and TBA dancer
Sara Hennies
Andrea Kleine’s “Ships” Saturday
Lori Goldston
Mulva Myasis
Round Robin Duets