Harry Partch Celebration at the University of Washington

Harry Partch (c. 1969), from the cover of The ...

Source: University of Washington. Partch, Braxton, and Magma.

The School of Music and the Harry Partch Ensemble, Charles Corey, director, present three consecutive nights of distinct programming celebrating the music and handmade instruments of 20th Century composer Harry Partch, whose instrumentarium is in residence at the UW School of Music.


2 Psalms, 17 Lyrics by Li Po & The Potion Scene by Harry Partch


The Grave of Li Po: Luke Fitzpatrick
Fratres: Arvo Pärt, arranged by Luke Fitzpatrick
Three Songs: Charles Ives, arranged by Jeff Bowen
Trois Gnossiennes: Erik Satie, arranged by Charles Corey
Nocturne: John Cage, arranged by Luke Fitzpatrick
O King: Luciano Berio, arranged by Charles Corey
Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh: By Magma, arranged by Zack Myers
Ghost Trance Music 228 and 245: Anthony Braxton
Ring Around the Moon Act 1 Scene 3 – Happy Birthday to You! – Afro-Chinese Minuet by Harry Partch
The Final Countdown, by Europe, arranged by Lou-Chuck F. Donaldson


Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales: Harry Partch
The Rose, The Crane, The Waterfall & Cloud-Chamber Music from Eleven Intrusions: Harry Partch
Two Settings from Finnegan’s Wake: Harry Partch
The Potion Scene (both versions): Harry Partch
Sextet for Violin and Percussion (4): Alan Hovhaness
Concerto in Slendro (2): Lou Harrison
Concerto for Violin with Percussion Orchestra (3): Lou Harrison
Dance: “Mallets in the Air”: James Tenney
Castor and Pollux—A Dance for the Twin Rhythms of Gemini: Harry Partch