William Parker Profiled Ahead of Vision Festival

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Source: Village Voice.

William Parker settles in at a round table in his East Village apartment. It’s a Sunday afternoon, and he’s just arrived home from a string of European dates with his organ quartet, two of them in Italy, a country where Parker performs so often that he’s recognized in the street. In a couple of days he’ll head north to Tufts University for a performance and symposium on art, race, and politics. Not long after, he’ll be off to Peru to play with folk musicians. But today is for family and practicing.

MATA Festival 2017 Finale Reviewed

Source: I Care If You Listen.

Diversity is important to MATA, said Artistic Director Du Yun, and diversity beyond race: “diverse expression, style, and syntax of the musical language that we share.” To that end, MATA 2017’s festival finale “Dangerous Currents,” presented on April 29th, 2017 at The Kitchen, was a mature offering of inspiration, form, and content performed by Trinity Wall Street’s NOVUS NY and The Le Boeuf Brothers jazz quintet. Dramatized speech, bird sound imitation, and formal play emerged as trends of the evening, while extended techniques and the omnipresent accordion appeared in more refined form.

The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

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Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

Matthias Müller – Solo Trombone (Mamü, 2017) ****
Jeph Jerman / Giacomo Salis / Paolo Sanna – KIO GE (Confront Collectors Series, 2017) ***½ ​
Dálava – The Book of Transfigurations (Songlines, 2017) ****
FMP. The Living Music; Munich 3/10/2017 – 8/20/2017; The Concerts
FMP. The Living Music; Munich 3/10/2017 – 8/20/2017; The Exhibition
Evan Parker & RGG – Live@Alchemia (Fundacja Słuchaj, 2017) ***
Devin Gray – Fashionable Pop Music (s/r, 2016) ****

If, Bwana / Re-Drum / Emerge European Tour

Source: Facebook.

26.05. D-Frankfurt: INM w PHONOGRAPHIA
27.05. D-Augsburg: k15 w M. Schmidt & G. Fiebig
28.05. CH-Zürich : Umbo w fezayafirar
29.05. I-Genova : QSQDR – secret gig
30.05. I-Lido di Dante (Ravenna) : Stereo Club
31.05. I-Belluno: Noises From The Basement #4 @ Nord Tattoing
01.06. SI-Ljubljana: Cirkulacija2
02.06. SI-Trbovlje: Zasavje Noisefest International
03.06. SI-Trbovlje: Zasavje Noisefest International
04.06. SRB-Novi Sad: Improstor @ dom b-612 w Raven & Fecal Vomit
05.06. HUN-Miskolc: Noizistic_session#1_tinta
06.06. HUN-Debrecen: BanZaj #20 @ MODEM
07.06. HUN-Budapest: Havizaj#104 @ Zeg Zug w All Machine & TH Anatol
08.06. SVK-Bratislava: RestArt bar
09.06. D-Berlin: XB-LIEBIG
10.06. D-Hamburg: Atelierhaus23 w Lucia Mense & PAAK