88 Keys at MATA’s Piano Night Reviewed

Source: I Care If You Listen.

Composer and performer Du Yun stated that “this program is dear to my heart” prior to a night of MATA-curated piano music on April 26, 2017. The MATA Festival artistic director and recent Pulitzer Prize winner admitted that she’s not supposed to pick favorites, but couldn’t help herself because “I grew up as a pianist—I didn’t grow up screaming.” The program, titled “88 Keys Open Many Doors,” featured works by seven different composers, including three women and one composer of color. Yun and executive director Todd Tarantino interviewed each composer about their work, drawing audience members into the compositional and performance processes without resorting to condescension. The sounds on display ranged from a consonant art song to a clangorous tone-cluster duet to the excruciatingly quiet journey of fingernails down a keyboard without depressing the keys.