Infrequent Seams Festival 2017 in NY, June 19-22

Source: S.E.M. Ensemble.

Infrequent Seams Festival 2017
June 19-22, starting at 7pm each night

$15 Admission per night

Willow Place Auditorium
26 Willow Place, Brooklyn Heights
2/3/4/5 to Borough Hall or A/C/F/R to Jay St

New York record label Infrequent Seams partners with The SEM Ensemble and The Anagram Ensemble to present a series of concerts that celebrate the long history of musical experimentation in New York and beyond. Featuring artists from the Infrequent Seams roster, a special performance by the SEM Ensemble, a series of solo performances from members of the Anagram Ensemble, and a handful of other exciting local artists, the festival promises to bring an expansive array of musical stylings in an informal setting.

Monday June 19, 7pm:
Providence Research Ensemble: Music of J. P. A. Falzone (CD Release)
Paul Giallorenzo / Andrew Drury / James Ilgenfritz
Anagram Solos: Sara Schoenbeck
Anagram Solos: Megan Schubert
Robbie Lee / James Ilgenfritz / Brian Chase
Sarah Weaver: “Sound In Peace”
Matthew Goodheart
Muyassar Kurdi

Tuesday June 20, 7pm: SEM Ensemble
Petr Kotik: “Many Many Women”
Philip Glass: “Two Pages”
Petr Kotik: “There is Singularly Nothing”
Petr Kotik: “Etude 7” (Jacqueline LeClair, oboe)

Wednesday June 21 7pm:
Mellissa Hughes / Philip White
Bhob Rainey / James Ilgenfritz
Anna Vitale reads from Detroit Detroit
Chris Cochrane / Stuart Popejoy
Lester St Louis
Josh Sinton
HOT DATE: Shayna Dulberger / Chris Welcome
Kathleen Supové, Jennifer Choi, & James Moore: World Premiere from James Ilgenfritz Anagram Solos: Dan Blake (music by Marcelo Toledo)
Anagram Solos: Nathan Koci, “Lowlands” by James Moore
Roberta Michel: “Happy Days” by Arthur Kampela

Wednesday June 22, 7pm:
Ben Richter: Panthalassa (CD Release)
Andie Springer / James Moore Play Robert Ashley & More
Thomas Buckner / Steve Swell Duo
Object Collection
Andie Springer plays music by Jonah Rosenberg
Anagram Solos: Martha Cargo
Anagram Solos: Ty Citerman
Anagram Solos: James Ilgenfritz, “Blue Bass” by John King (World Premiere)
Anagram Ensemble: “Stone Guitars” for four guitars by Richard Carrick
Anagram Ensemble: “Dragon Rite” for contrabasses, by Michael Byron
Jacquelin Kerrod: “Phalanges” by Arthur Kampela