Nels Cline Interview

English: Nels Cline @ All tomorrow's parties f...

Source: Observer.

Since Nels Cline joined Wilco in 2004, the band’s reputation as a transcendent, sprawlingly mercurial live act was all but assured.

Following the band’s release of A Ghost is Born, Cline’s first record with the band that year was Kicking Television, a live set recorded in the band’s hometown Chicago that showcased just how muscular Wilco had become with Cline and rhythm guitarist Pat Sansone on deck. Cline’s particular playing style continues to captivate fans who cherish the variety of sounds he’s able to tap into on the five records that band’s released since.

Intrepid ears will tell you that Cline’s dexterous playing didn’t just come out of nowhere. The 61-year-old guitarist has been a mainstay of the West Coast jazz and “new music” communities since 1980, when a collaboration with the late Eric Von Essen led them to form Quartet Music and began what would become a 37-year career making some of the most adventurous, genre-bending recordings, not only in the jazz world, but in the experimental pop, country, punk and noise scenes, too.


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