New Releases from Clean Feed Records

American Jazz musician and composer Mat Maneri.

Source: Clean Feed Records.

Mat Maneri | Evan Parker | Lucian Ban – Sounding Tears
Mario Pavone – Vertical
Rova | Bruckmann | Kaiser – Saxophone Special Revisited
Chamber 4 – City of Light
Humcrush – Enter Humcrash
Meridian Trio – Triangulum
Rune Your Day – Rune Your Day
Ricardo Jacinto | Gonçalo Almeida | Nuno Morão – The Selva
David Stackenäs – Bricks
Honest John – International Breakthrough

New Releases from pfMENTUM

Andrea Centazzo - Mandala Roma - Auditorium

Source: pfMENTUM.

Vinny Golia: Intercommunications not only features Golia’s deep and diverse skills on multiple woodwinds, but his truly wondrous gong collection. A treat to listen to, and part of Golia’s continuing pilgrimage exploring adventurous music and new forms. This is the second joint release of pfMENTUM and Ninewinds.

Michael Vlatkovich: TRYYO, Flying Box is the second pfMENTUM outing for the group of Vlatkovich, Jonathan Golove, and Damon Short. Exciting, dynamic compositions spring into twisted and exciting improvisations. An awesome followup to their earlier release, Pershing Woman!

Andrew Raffo Dewar, Ann LeBaron, and Andrea Centazzo: Encantamientos is the first pfMENTUM outing for this ensemble, and we want to hear more! Subtle, nuanced interplay is at the core of this fine recording (engineer Clay Chaplin). A rewarding, intriguing listen with surprising details, turns, and twists unveiled by the musicians throughout the duration of the recording, befitting the title which translates as “incantations.”