AMN Reviews: Gonçalo Almeida / Rodrigo Amado / Marco Franco – The Attic (2017; NoBusiness Records)

If you are looking for top notch free-improv, saxophonist Rodrigo Amado should be your go-to guy. His approach sounds notably different than the typical European or American “free” style, though it can be hard to define exactly why. With his various groups, Amado explores instantaneous compositions, makes occasional use of extended techniques, and tempers discordance with angular clarity. Perhaps it is his expressiveness that sets Amado apart – when listening to his recordings you cannot help but feel that he is playing directly to you.

Recorded live in December 2015, The Attic features Amado on tenor, Gonçalo Almeida on double bass and Marco Franco on drums. The album kicks off with Shadows, featuring three minutes of bowed playing and scraping from Almeida before Amado joins in with high-register, distorted lines. Franco takes more of a background role, working the cymbals while his compatriots play off of one another. Throughout the album, Amado fluidly switches between playing inside and out, providing staccato punctuations and drones. When Franco is on, he is wonderfully busy – not unlike Gabriel Ferrandini, another drummer who frequently works with Amado. Almeida switches fluidly between bowing and plucking, playing the bass as a lead instrument.

Perhaps the most outright exciting track is the finale, Nail, which is a mile-a-minute blowout. In this short burst of energy, Amado and Franco duel for the lead with Almeida maintaining an active rumbling in the background. While a rough Peter Brotzmann comparison could be made, the frantic pace of this track is just one aspect of Amado’s overall approach.

Highly recommended.

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5049 Records Podcast: Episode 114 – Shayna Dulberger 

Source: 5049 Records.

Based in Brooklyn, Shayna Dulberger is a bass player who has been collaborating with many of NYC’s most prominent free jazz musicians since she moved here in 2005. Her early records include bands with Darius Jones, Ras Moshe, Jonathan Moritz and William Parker. Most recently she has been preforming with Chaser, a band that features Ava Mendoza & Oran Canfield as well a collaboration with her husband Chris Welcome, Hot Date. Aside from performing she currently teaches music in a private school in queens and is a trained Suzuki bass teacher.



May 7, 2017
Ivo Perelman & Matthew Shipp, (le) poisson rouge
Ivo Perelman Matthew Shipp

May 7, 2017
Isabelle Duthoit & Franz Hautzinger, Gallery 456
Isabelle Duthoit Franz Hautzinger

May 7, 2017
Italian Surf Academy, (le) poisson rouge
Damon Banks Marco Cappelli Dave Miller

May 7, 2017
Miya Masaoka with Charmaine Lee, Gallery 456
Charmaine Lee Miya Masaoka

May 7, 2017
Charmaine Lee & Azumie Oe, Gallery 456
Charmaine Lee Azumie Oe

May 6, 2017
Franz Hautzinger & Isabelle Duthoit, IBeam
Isabelle Duthoit Franz Hautzinger

May 6, 2017
Franz Hautzinger, Isabelle Duthoit, Leila Bordreuil, Brandon Lopez, IBeam
Leila Bordreuil Isabelle Duthoit Franz Hautzinger Brandon Lopez

May 2, 2017
Jean-Luc Guionnet Solo, Blank Forms
Jean-Luc Guionnet

Chris Pitsiokos Profiled

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

On any given night, at one of the many venues favored by New York City’s vibrant DIY experimental jazz scene, chances are good that firebrand saxophonist Chris Pitsiokos will be on stage, turning the room inside-out.

A tireless composer and improviser, Pitsiokos’s mushrooming catalog contains nods to both the bebop swing and the ’80s electric jazz of Ornette Coleman. There are also traces of John Zorn’s full-scale eclecticism, Peter Brötzmann’s gale-force heft, the nihilistic noise of Lydia Lunch, and The Flying Luttenbachers’ “brutal prog.” It’s no wonder the 20-something-year-old Pitsiokos has helped spearhead the nascent movement of fellow outliers shaping Brooklyn’s jazz underground.

Spectacle 2017 at Real Art Ways

Hamid Drake at Moers Festival 2006, Germany

Source: Hartford, Connecticut’s Real Art Ways will offer a set of performances on May 28, featuring the following individuals:

William Parker /contrabass violin and more
Hamid Drake / drums and percussion
Mixashawn Rozie / saxophones, flutes
Daniel Carter / saxophones, trumpet
Fay Victor / voice
Jin Hi Kim / komungo
Jerome Deupree /drums and percussion
Sarah Hughes / alto saxophone
Rex Bennett / trombone
Gabe Terracciano / violin
Jacob Means / mandolin and mandocello
Rob Oxoby / contrabass violin
Stephen Haynes / cornets, flugelhorn, alto horn
Joe Morris / guitar, contrabass violin

Interview with Nicole Mitchell

Source: Jazz Right Now. Ms. Mitchell is getting busy in support of her latest release.

Flutist, composer, and educator Nicole Mitchell is one of the foremost creative musicians of the twenty-first century. Most well-known as the bandleader of the Black Earth Ensemble, she has established herself on the cutting edge through a series of innovative and forward-looking records. Her latest release, Mandorla Awakening II, was released on May 5. In this interview, Nicole discusses her emergence on the Chicago scene, the inspiration of Octavia Butler, and the new record, among other things.