Claudia Quintet and The Promethean Conduit at Stardust in Orlando, May 17

Source: thecm5.

Functionally Literate and The Drunken Odyssey are two word-driven analogs to Civic Minded Five, delivering thoughtful events and punching above their collective weight. Together we present this evening as a public outreach in a well-known commercial and cultural waystation.

Functionally Literate and The Drunken Odyssey are the tent that delivered The Promethean Conduit. It combines experimental electronic music with a trans-humanist narrative told by two voices. Written by Teege Braune, and produced by Jared Silvia, the piece will feature live readings and live music in a collaborative performance. The Stardust event will be the premier performance of this project. In addition to the listed narrative voices, add Tony Miracle and Exatari as the evening’s electronics wranglers. The Promethean Conduit is simile to John King’s Pink Fire Revue when that words and synthesis project ran eleven months back as an In-Between Series event at Gallery At Avalon Island.

The Claudia Quintet made it here in 2015 due to a touring grant in Florida from Chamber Music America. That exposure included St. Petersburg and now the ensemble returns to the Composers Forum at University of South Florida. We’ll see them again because they liked you the last time around and wanted to play for us again- without the grant check. The energy of support for the arts can become contagious and regenerative.