Newsbits: Ensemble Dal Niente / Rubin Museum Exhibition / Günter Sommer / Analog Music / Daniel Sarid Trio / Daniel Corral / Big Ears

English: Günter "Baby" Sommer at moe...

Ensemble Dal Niente has launched a Kickstarter to fund four interdisciplinary productions embedded within our 2017/2018 season will explore the intersections of sound, movement, dance, and theater.

The Rubin Museum is featuring an exhibition called The World is Sound, opening June 16. The exhibition features works by contemporary artists including C. Spencer Yeh, Christine Sun Kim, Ernst Karel, Hildegard Westerkamp, John Giorno, Jules Gimbrone, MSHR, Nate Wooley, Pauline Oliveros, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, and Samita Sinha.

The new CD from Günter Baby Sommer is reviewed.

In an excerpt from his book The New Analog, Damon Krukowski looks at the aesthetics of noise in analog music.

Jazz Right Now reviews the new release from the Daniel Sarid Trio.

Composer Daniel Corral is excited to announce a release show on May 6 at Automata in Los Angeles for his new album Refractions, out May 5 on Populist Records. Refractions is a 45-minute electro-acoustic chamber piece that expands on Corral’s 10 years of exploring the sonic and sculptural possibilities of music boxes. On May 6, Refractions will be performed live by guitarist Jeremy Kerner, the Koan Quartet, and Corral. There will also be a duo set of improvisations and songs based on Persian Mugam and Arabic Maqamat by Rahman Baranghoori (vocals/violin) and Timothy Maloof (violin).

I Care If You Listen reviews solo sets from the Big Ears festival.