Irène Schweizer and Louis Moholo-Moholo in London Reviewed

Louis Moholo

Source: The Guardian.

Switzerland’s Intakt label last recorded homegrown jazz piano star Irène Schweizer and South African drums colossus Louis Moholo-Moholo together in 1986, when Swiss banks were helping to prop up South Africa’s apartheid system, and Moholo-Moholo can be heard chanting “free Mandela” in the background.

Nearly 30 years later, on the third night of Intakt’s 12-day festival at London’s Vortex, their absorbing story resumed in a different political and musical world. Schweizer’s admiration for Moholo-Moholo and his mutual embrace of her – as both a free-jazz pioneer and a sister who befriended him in the toughest times – glowed as warmly as ever.