No Response Festival 2017 in Cincinnati

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Source: No Response Festival.

The No Response Festival is an annual 2-day experimental music festival in Cincinnati organized by John Rich & Jon Lorenz; former occupiers and curators of the Art Damage Lodge from 2007-2010 and promoters of experimental music for over a decade. The Festival takes place on June 16th and 17th at the Woodward Theater and hopes to bring together fans of experimental music from all over the world as well as showcase important figures (who don’t tour and would otherwise never play here) and contemporary artists in the vast spectrum of experimental music.

FRIDAY, JUNE 16th (Doors 7:30pm; show 8pm) – Performances by Genesis P-Orridge & Edley ODowd, Yoshi Wada & Nate Wooley, Graham Lambkin, and Bill Nace & Twig Harper.

SATURDAY, JUNE 17th (Doors 7:30pm; show 8pm) – Performance by Hijokaidan, Borbetomagus, MV Carbon, Jason Lescalleet
Pre-show screening of C Spencer Yeh’s “2002” (5pm @ Mini Microcinema)

SUNDAY, JUNE 18th (Doors 11am; show 12pm) – In-store performance by T. Mikawa @ Torn Light Records